Anxious over what to wear in the new year?

Hi – I’m Chelcie, a twenty-something year old model living and basking in the California sunshine. I’m a lover of fashion who has a particular passion for personal style. And I am glad to now be blogging about it – with you!

Fret not!

With the holiday season coming to an end, holiday fashion ends with the dropping of the ball, sealed with the blowing of celebratory kazoos.

But what to wear the next day? January first is the official start of 2015 fashion. Let’s get into it.

5 keys to eliminate your fashion stress in the new year:

1. Remember: Fashion repeats itself. 2014 was a tribute to fashion from the 90s on every catwalk. But this year fashion is skipping over the 80s all together. 2015 will pay homage to the 70s. Designer’s are waving farewell ..leaving most of the 90s style in 2014 and welcoming 70s style influences with open arms. Get ready: Oversized blazers and big bodied coats/ jackets have been all over the runways. Everywhere I turn, I see 2015 fashion bringing fun and excitement. This couldn’t be more true to the 70s. Afterall, the seventies were one BIG party.
2. It all adds up. The 2014 layering trend in men’s fashion will continue. Break out your basics and pick up a few more – the trend calls for neutrals such as creams, blacks, light chambrays, brown and blue hues. This year – there will be no such thing as enough.
3. Keep your monochromatic / black and white combos. Good news! These are still in. In 2014, this was a celebrity favorite. Red carpets were graced with all white lace gowns and stunning black ensembles. Designers seem to be perpetuating this trend by bringing in a youthful fun and added elegance.
4. Breakup the embellishments and dramatic silhouettes with neutrals. This year bold statement blazers will be toned down with neutral layers and paired with smart accessories. While last year being bold was done in an altogether new way, this year will carry a new kind of sophistication.
5. Do something different. One man’s trash is another’s fashion find of the year. Vintage eclectic has become high fashion all over again. The right piece can become an invaluable staple in your wardrobe this year. Give something different to the clean lines and neutral trends of the year. There’s no better way to give some spice to layering than introducing a timeless vintage find. So spend a Saturday exploring your local thrift shops to find that uniquely you tribute to the 70s. Your closet [and wallet] will thank you for it.

The coming of the new year doesn’t have to mean that you toss all of last year’s clothes. Remember, you are the reason your style exists. Be fearless and free. Reinvent! Recreate! Repurpose! And let’s not forget to be budget friendly – If you truly love some of those buys from last year, give them a little sprucing and watch them give you new life in return. This is my favorite part of fashion. Dressing for yourself gives you instant charisma!

So ladies, pair that new cream top with your favorite printed pant purchase from 2014 and Voila! you’re instantly 2015 chic! And gents – pick up a fun, inexpensive tie with a groovy vibe to give all of your layering basics a good refreshing.

Remember to be fearless and free.
xxo – Chelcie.

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