Any Volunteers?

Hey, I’m Resa Schier! I am a recent graduate from Concordia University- Saint Paul, Minnesota, where I earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Vocal Music Performance and Theatre. Currently, I am participating in the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The experience is a lot of hard work, but the good verses the bad is so worth it. While in college, I was a campus tour guide, so it is a passion of mine to help others find their niche, so I hope my experiences are helpful to students of all areas!

You’ll never make money with a B.A. in Theatre. You’re just fooling around for four years for a degree. You want to major in theatre? Why not something more applicable?
These are all questions that most theatre majors hear throughout their four years in college, all of which are incredibly frustrating. While working on my degree and developing my skills, of course I learned about the craft and technique of acting, directing, and designing, but I also learned some life skills that a biology major might not necessarily just pick up in the classroom.
Being bold is something I developed more and more throughout college, although some may say I was a diva even before declaring my major. Bravery, confidence, and a go-getter attitude are what being a professional is all about.
I will never forget the day when my whole acting class fell silent when my professor asked, “So who wants to go first?” He irritably told us that if we did that in the real world, it would never fly, and you should always volunteer to go first. This is not only true in auditions, but also any sort of interview or panel you may be part of. Being first sets the bar, and although it may not be higher, it’s potentially different. After that, I have thought of that moment every time someone says “Any volunteers to start?” You would assume that in a room full of theatre majors that want to show off their diva-skills, we would all be jumping to go first, but the fear of being vulnerable was still present.
Although it still sometimes terrifies me to raise my hand to volunteer to go first in a class, audition, or any sort of meeting, it’s something I have learned to embrace. Once I came to work at Disney World, I vowed that I would always try and be that bold person that would volunteer to go first, and although there aren’t necessarily different outcomes either way, it always feels better knowing that you may have set the bar.
People in our generation hide behind screens far too often, and our fear of being vulnerable has increased, but this is something we need to work past in order to be seen as serious professionals to those who may be offering us those jobs.
So as you’re planning your future and trying to figure out what school to go to or what to major in, consider how you want to grow just as a person/professional throughout those four years. As a recent graduate, I cannot stress how scary it is to realize those four years are up, and even a day could have been wasted.

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