Applying For a Job

So you have decided you would like to apply for an internship or summer job. These are excellent first steps in a very successful career! Here are some things to keep in mind when going through the application and interview process.

Read directions! Some companies say on their website “no phone calls, please” when it comes to employment or internship inquiries. Instead, they may have a form that you need to print and fill out, or an online form that you submit through their website. Too many people skim through directions and companies are cracking down on that. They want assiduous, detail-oriented employees who will make a difference and not just work for a paycheck.

Also, reading everything thoroughly may help you find out who you need to address your cover letter to, versus “Dear Sir or Madam” or “To Whom It May Concern”.

Use key words and phrases from the job description to describe your own experiences in your resume and cover letter, provided everything you say is factual. Hiring committees will pick up on these phrases and key words, and perhaps consider you for a phone or in-person interview.

Always make sure you have good reception when conducting a phone interview and you are somewhere quiet. I have even had phone interviews in my car because it is the only quiet place I can get to!

Invest in a nice suit. Ladies, ensure you have proper footwear- you don’t want to look like you can’t walk if your shoes are bothersome or are not what you would normally wear! Also, if you’re wearing a skirt then make sure it is the right length. You want to show your professionalism, not your legs.

Research the company. Knows facts and details that way you can say how and why you would fit in with that company atmosphere and be a good intern or employee.

Your interview starts the moment you walk in the door. You don’t know who volunteered to be on the hiring committee, including the administrative assistant you have to sign in with. So smile, be polite, speak clearly and loudly enough for people to understand you, and look awake! These seem like no-brainers but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t have a modicum of respect and decorum when walking into interviews.

Lastly, ask your Career Services department to set up a time where they can conduct a mock interview for you. In fact, they may have a wealth of information to help you ace both your phone and in-person interview.

Nothing can guarantee you will get the offer, but following this advice might help you land that job!

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