Are Tattoos Still Fashionable?

I remember when the majority of people didn’t have tattoos and you were considered really edgy to be inked anywhere on your body. Lately it seems like the exact opposite where if someone doesn’t have a tattoo they are in the minority. Personally, I love tattoos. They are part of a person’s self expression and a way to wear art. That said, there are a few things every girl should think about before hitting the tattoo parlor.
1. Where is it going on your body. Unlike a bad haircut, tattoos don’t eventually fade away. That tiny butterfly on your side is one day going to turn into a giant moth when you get pregnant and your stomach stretches.
2. Research what you want. We have all heard the horror stories of how someone thought their Japanese symbol meant luck and it really meant dirty sock. Make sure to actually do the research and don’t trust the meaning just because it’s hanging on the wall of a tattoo parlor.
3. Will you want this to show in 10 years? I have a total of 5 tattoos. None of them are in places that show unless I am in a bikini. My mother always told to me never get a tattoo that would show in my wedding dress. I may not be married, but that advice has always stuck with me.
4. Go to a professional. Tattoos aren’t something you want to get on the cheap. There is a reason this person isn’t charging a lot and it is most likely because they aren’t very good. Ask to see some of their art and check out their website to see if their style matches up with what you want.
5. Never ever get a tattoo after drinking. A lot of things sound like a good idea while out with friends. Most of them are actually bad ideas. Give yourself at least a week to think about it and if you still want it, then make the appointment.

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