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In today’s economic climate, many firms are looking to improve the efficiency of their legal services through the assistance of paralegal employees rather than hiring new attorneys or associates. With the correct background and proper certification, a certified paralegal can do a great deal of work that legal interns or new associates can do outside of practicing law. A paralegal’s salary is less than that of an attorney’s, and the fees a firm can charge a client for work done by a paralegal are significantly less than the hourly fees charged for an attorney’s work. Therefore, it is a win-win for both the law firm and the firm’s clients.
Quality paralegal programs will offer some sort of career guidance and assistance to their students. Many programs offer an online job database available only to students and alumni, listing all of the private and public sector jobs requesting the assistance of a paralegal.
Paralegal positions can be found in private firms, as well as in governmental, public offices, such as offices of public defenders, prosecutors, attorneys general, and the judicial system. Other businesses, including real estate offices, title insurance companies and banks also utilize the services of paralegals.
According to the Bureau of Labor, the job outlook for paralegals in the coming years exceeds that for new lawyers. Employment of paralegals is expected to grow by over 18 percent between the years 2010 and 2020, which is on par with growth through other occupations, but higher than that for lawyers. In 2010, approximately 256,000 paralegal jobs were listed with the U.S. Department of Labor.
On top of the positive career prospects, the benefit of obtaining a paralegal degree or certificate is that the professional can begin his or her career quicker than through law school, coming out with significantly lesser student loan debt.
Choosing a field that has job prospects for when you obtain your degree is something not all fields offer. Paralegal positions are out there and growing every day making it one of the more desirable professions to enter right now.
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