Are You Committing Dating Sins?

Stephanie graduated with a degree in Creative Writing and has kept her passion for writing ever since. She has been a freelance writer for various web publications such as Demand Studios and eHow since 2010. When she is not writing, she enjoys reading, weightlifting, and maintaining her beauty blog.

OK, sins may be a little too severe of a word but are there dating mistakes you are committing? Some are so common but there are plenty of women who don’t realize that these mistakes can cause the loss of a potential catch. Here are some dating mistakes to avoid.

  • Being too clingy when you’ve just met. A clingy girl just sends red flags and alarms for a guy. A man wants a woman who wants to be with them, not act as if they can’t live without them. Being a clingy girlfriend comes in different forms. It can be calling him too much or having him constantly reaffirm your looks.
  • Rushing into things. If you are only on your second date, don’t start talking to him about marriage and how many children you want to have. Also don’t share all your deepest darkest secrets until you are really sure you he’s potential relationship material.
  • You’re self-deprecating. Don’t put yourself down all the time especially to get a laugh out of others. It shows you lack confidence. Remember there is a difference between being a realist and a pessimist. Be confident and don’t worry so much about your looks, that’s only a slight part of the equation.
  • Being judgmental of other females. Another thing that shows you aren’t confident is if you always compare or judge other girls. The guy you are with chose to be with you, it’s a choice and a decision he made, never forget that. There will always be prettier women, but that doesn’t mean he wants to be with them all.
  • Pretending to be a dimwit. Men love intelligent women who know how to hold a conversation and take the time to think, so don’t act like a brainless twit. Guys also find it extremely attractive when a woman can stimulate them mentally as well as physically.

We all have made a dating mistaking here or there. However instead of repeating the same mistake, learn from them and grow as a person. These are common dating sins because no one takes time to realize why it’s wrong. Break the mold and be a better dater!

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