Are You Missing the Best Accessory?

By Amanda Reese

Tonight, you are hitting the town with your girls. Its been a long week and you’ve seen better. On top of you being exhausted, your car needs to go in the shop and you have a giant zit on the side of your chin.

You throw on your favorite little black dress and comb your hair perfectly in place—in hopes to hide the blemish. No matter how much concealer you add or how dramatic you make your eye shadow, nothing seems to help take away from the distraction on your face.

The buzzer rings, its your friends at the door downstairs. You slip on the shoes, grab your phone and purse and head to the door. As you open the door the girl going into her apartment next door catches a glimpse of you. “You, look great! Nice shoes.”

As you go outside to meet your friends, they start raving about how great you look. At that moment, you have forgotten everything that went wrong that week and you feel awesome. You are ready to paint the town red with your favorite people. What has changed since the apartment and the few flights of stairs? Confidence.

Confidence is the best thing you can put on for a night out. Actually, confidence is the best thing you can wear, period. Your friends never even noticed the blemished you obsessed over because of your great smile and your assuring presence.

We often times get bogged down by things that are out of our control. Every time we do that we allow a little of our confidence to be confined by what is troubling us. No matter what you put on, if you do not have the confidence to flaunt it, you will look out of place if people even notice you at all.

Confidence is important in our lives. It is often times that it factor we can’t describe. It is the difference in being picked for a job or being passed up by someone who may be less qualified. It could even be the best bet of getting that one lucky guy over to talk to you.

It is healthy to have confidence. It should exude you when you are simply walking down the street. Confidence boosts our self-esteem and gives us the power to be powerful beyond measure. It helps our hair grow and our skin glow.

Never trust your confidence in the hands of someone else. It is your personal gift to yourself, so use it as you may. It is valuable so never give your confidence away. As long as you have confidence in yourself, it does not matter what else is going on at that time. You will always have enough poise and grace to get it done.

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