Are You Trying Too Hard in Love?

Girl, we get it. You want to find the “one.” You want to (eventually) get married, have kids and buy a four-bedroom home with a white picket fence right next door to your parents, but slow down for a second. Are you trying too hard to find love?
• Your number one goal is to find your soul mate
Forget classes, your summer internship options, even going out for a girls night, you’re focused on finding your soul mate. If you’re seeking out your next partner at every turn, you’re never going to get the results you want.
• You are always “on”
We all want to appear attractive and interesting, but all this posing and primping is simply exhausting. If you look forward to coming home because you can finally relax, you’re trying to hard. Be yourself, relax. Authenticity is always alluring.
• You text him first (and call and friend request and follow on social media)
If you’re the initiator for all communication with your new potential boyfriend, you may want to analyze that. Men don’t usually reach out and connect with someone they’re not interested in so press pause and see if he will come to you.
• You’re flexible with your standards
Are you so desperate for a boyfriend that you’ll forego your standards just for the sake of being with someone, anyone? There’s nothing wrong with going out of your comfort zone every once in a while and being open-minded to a new and different type of guy, but don’t do this all the time just so you can have a date on Saturday night.
• You claim to fall in love all the time
Have you already met Mr. Right? And then met him again? And again? If you claim to be falling in love every time you go to the grocery store, there’s a problem. Plus, all that falling leads to crashing an you’re likely equally devastated when the relationship doesn’t work out. Not a good cycle.

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