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Can you raise kids and still be in the Army?  Of course, this is the modern age and many of our military have children at home. The Army is interested in you as a comprehensive package; this means they care about your family too. This means they want your children to have an education and health benefits.  The Army looks out for their “own” families.

Army Posts are actually designed with children in mind.  And the Army has a few more benefits for kids than you can probably get in the civilian sector.

Unless you and your family are overseas, usually kids go to the local public schools.  Overseas, some Army posts operate their own schools.

Regardless of where you are located there is an Army staff person assigned to help with any issues of a child moving into a new school. They can even let you know about the grading systems of the local schools and when the various schools start and finish.

Libraries are a wonderful resource.  And just because you are on base, you still can have an amazing library experience.  They all vary in what they carry but they try to help the children of the community by offering programs or special events.  Book clubs form up for teens and even for the Soldier’s spouses.  It is a great way to get to know your new neighbors.

After school activities, recreational facilities and social interaction can all be found for the kids on an Army post.



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The Rangers go through rigorous training, have clocked in many hours of experience and are deadly. This is not just the stuff of spy novels, these forces do exist. They are sent on special missions where the personnel are required to be professional, knowledgeable, fit and mature in their decision-making.
The Rangers train to be competent in day or night complex operations. They need to be ready to go in any type of weather and geography. They know how to plan and execute a raid or mission, in enemy territory. And they have to be ready to do all this in a moment’s notice. When your enemy is on the move you can’t ask them to stop and wait until you get there.
The 75th Ranger Regiment is the biggest special operations combat unit in the US Army. Nearly everything about them is different than the average Soldier. They use unusual techniques, special equipment and several layers of ways to get into and gain hostile territory or destroy enemy forces.
The Rangers are expert at the surprise and shock element of an attack. These guys are also able to infiltrate from the air. They are the regiment of choice for entries that need to be forced. They have ways to gain information imperative to monitor environments. This intelligence gathering keeps them one step ahead of the bad guys.
Rangers train to rescue both civilians and prisoners. They can evacuate whole embassies. Capturing enemy forces in hostile areas requires the military force be sensitive to political climates and factions.
Using the best equipment available to man, they can respond with lighting force to any mission. They keep the follow-up going on an operation to keep the enemy off balance.
If you want excitement in your future this may be the division for you.
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What about all this training they say you can get in the Army? It’s true. If there is an area you are interested in and well suited for, both in academics and aptitude then the Army will give you even more training. This not only helps you during your enlistment but also when you join the career field. You will have expertise that translates into job skills.
Once you get through the basic training then any advanced training starts to kick in. Here is where you will learn how to do your Army job, whether it is in medicine, transportation, logistics or a number of disciplines. They have a name for this training too and it is called Advanced Individual Training or AIT.
The training in the Army is diverse. Our world is ever changing and the Army must keep up to be on the cutting edge in the military. With hands on training and guidance you will be equipped as a professional in that field. Your work ethic will strengthen as you are required to maintain discipline. All of these skills are transferable when you end your military term.
One of the specialties you would expect in the Army is in infantry school where you become experts in combat and are always prepared. The Intelligence school trains you to gather all sorts of information in the world, to keep abreast of any current or possible situations.
In the chemical school or course you will be concerned with nuclear power. Preparing for possible chemical warfare is important as well as biological agents. Besides defending against these agents there is also the need to engineer and study the US interest in the agents.
Communication technology is taught in the Signal Corp School. The Quartermaster school helps the troops on the ground. They ensure everyone has the necessities of life like food and water. They also provide the critical needs of a soldier with ammunition, equipment, repair kits and more.
You really can be more in the Army. With these classes you will come out better than you went in.
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Did you know that the US Army is the most powerful and refined military force in the world? That is a major caveat to live up to. The US Army does this by using two groups; the active duty Soldiers and the Army Reserve Soldiers. We’ve probably all heard the words Army Reserve bantered about. Or in the news, they will say the Reserve was called up. You may have wondered what exactly is the “Reserve?”
Being in the Reserve is said by the Army to have the best of both worlds. You have your civilian life yet you can participate in being a soldier in both training and active duty. An active duty soldier is a full time job with that job being your major focus. Being in the Army reserve lets you attend college, live in your own home and / or work toward a career of your choice.
The benefits of this choice are you still get tuition assistance and medical benefits. You get to train close to the home of your choice and of course you stand by ready to serve.
With all the terrorist’s threats since 9/11 the US always needs a strong Homeland Security. When active duty Soldiers get called overseas then the Army Reserve fills their positions here in the US.
You’ve probably noticed that in natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina or the Midwest Tornadoes, the Reservists were called into help police the area, keep crime down, and support humanitarian efforts. Getting water and food to the victims is critical but also something the Army knows how to do. After all, the Army knows how to keep their own units supported.
Most of the Army’s hospitals, clinics, emergency centers or medical units in the field are staffed by the Army Reserve. If you are a reservist going to school for a degree in medicine you are invaluable to the Army in these places. An Army reserve medical specialist has so much more training than their civilian counterparts. In fact, their experience and skills usually exceed the Active Duty medical team’s experience.
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You can be an attorney in the Army. It is another special career path. A Jag Corp member will work in criminal prosecution, international law and of course military law. Your work can keep you stateside or abroad. As a Jag Attorney you are an officer of the Army. You can develop leadership and professional skills that transcend to an edge in a career outside of the Army. It is also a favored starting point for public service and / or political office.
You don’t have to wait until you have your law degree to participate in this regimen. Summer programs are available to Jag Corp interns. As an intern you will be put to work right away on real cases. Making sound decisions and using good judgment will allow you to move ahead in this field. You will have the pleasure of working a case from beginning to the end. This helps understand the comprehensive nature of any particular case.
For sixty summer days, law student interns are sent around the globe to work as temporary civil servants. A variety of legal skills and assignments are always available. You will always be working with a bar sanctioned attorney so don’t worry. Not everything will rest on your shoulders.
If you haven’t chosen a specialty in law, working as a Jag intern will expose you to many different legal disciplines. This can only help in making a decision.
First or second year law students from accredited colleges are accepted into the program of Jag Corp interns. You work alongside real attorneys in real life situations.
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Do you have a desire to become more than you can be? Do you have a desire to improve yourself? Many people make New Year’s resolutions to do just that. They want to get organized, lose weight, or spend more time with their family. These are great goals but they are fairly external. Joining the Army can help change you from the inside out. They drill down to core values to improve your character.
The Army’s Core Values used to be well known even in civilian circles. The seven tenets are Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Adapting these tenets mean you live to a higher standard in your daily dealings and life. With these values you can become a better person both in and out of the Army. This is one perk that should stay with you the rest of your life.
Once you join the Army, you will go through Basic Combat Training or BCT. It is here that you will be instructed and initiated into the Seven Core Army Values. To the Army this is what being a Soldier it all about.
One of the first tenets is Loyalty. This is a good one to learn early, because if you ever see active combat you basically want to know that your buddies ‘have your back’. You pledge your fidelity to your unit, the larger Army and of course to the USA. Obeying your leader is important in training but even more important in the field. As a soldier you won’t always be able to see the bigger picture. But your leader will.
Another of the tenets is Integrity. This is a good character trait to own. If you are a man or woman of integrity it will show both in and out of the Army and will help further your career. Future employers will know and respect you as a person of Integrity. You can wear it is a label, because it will exude forth in the way you conduct your life.
The Army teaches you integrity by learning to do what is right no matter what. This includes doing what is right both legally and morally. You don’t lie, cheat or steal and people will learn to trust you. The better you get at making decisions of integrity it will affect your whole life, including friends, family and comrades. It will affect how you see yourself and builds self-worth.
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If you are thinking about enlisting in the Army you might wonder, can I make it through training? You may be concerned with your physical abilities or lack thereof. You also might be wondering, what exactly is Basic Training.
After you enlist, the recruiter has a handy checklist to give you. It lists all the items to bring and not to bring to basic training. The Army has done this before and knows what you will need plus foresees future personal needs as well.
First the Army ensures that every new recruit is able both mentally and physically to start training. They have their own set of criteria to judge. The Army has devised a basic training program with three phases and named them patriotically red, white and blue.
When you first arrive at camp you will get a free haircut and an Army uniform. A general orientation will be held for you to learn the layout of the facility, time commitments and other information. After a physical fitness test, your future aptitudes will be recorded and checked often during your enlistment.
The Army will get you quickly into some detailed fields following your basic tactical training. These fields include nuclear biology, chemical defense and landmine defense, very important to know. You also get to do some fun stuff like rappelling down the towers.
The White phase lets you start shooting guns, learning marksmanship and combat training. Again you get to rappel on a different tower to develop these skills with more assurance. Foot marching, engaging the enemy, and training on how to handle different situations are addressed in this phase. Additional obstacle courses are conquered to build confidence.
Using automatic weapons and hand grenades is handled in the Blue phase. Also learning how to handle night infiltration is studied. Foot marches of 10k, which is 6 miles and 15k are mandated.
After you pass all your tests the Army holds a graduation for you. You have tested your mind and body and succeeded. All your hard work and good efforts are honored with family and friends on base.
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Any career choice or change should be considered carefully and this holds true for the Army too. You should always gain information in whatever you do to make the best possible choices. Look at the job, where you will be located, what are the benefits. What opportunities during training and after enlistment are available? What is the life style of a Soldier, i.e. what will you actually be doing, day to day.
Of course to enlist in the Army is to join a separate force of the military. You can expect to train, serve your country and work alongside other Soldiers. There is a recreational side to a Soldier’s life. Just like anyone else, after work you can spend time with family and friends and continue to pursue your own interests or hobbies. Of course you may get sent overseas and sometimes your family cannot go. But these are temporary, time limited, rotating assignments.
What is the role of the Army anyway? The US Army provides land forces, that is soldiers and equipment anywhere in the world and at any time they are needed. It’s a big task but of course it is broken down into units. The Army works with other organizations like the US Department of Defense to know how best to train the soldiers and to equip them with the necessary skills and tactics to accomplish their objectives. Leaders are created out of these entities to guide the troops.
What’s it like in the barracks? Army posts have certainly changed over the years and many perks that you have in your home community you can find on base and usually at a more economical rate.
An Army Post is like its own little town or community. You will be surprised to know that includes movie theatres and gyms. Of course, the fitness centers help you stay in shape for training. You will have a version of the post office if you don’t have an actual post office. Stores are available to buy all sorts of goods from groceries to electronics. They are called the Commissary and can be found on most Army Posts.
You can have all the comforts of home and still get paid to be in the Army.
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