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Morgan Davis is a recent graduate from the State University of New York at Purchase with a degree in Art History. She interned at various art non-profits and art associations such as the Washington Performing Art Society, the International Child Foundation, and ArtsWestchester while at school. Currently, is working and volunteering at local museums will applying to graduate school to study Art History, She loves to advocate for art nonprofits that help underprivileged youth and educate the public on the arts.

The need for counseling centers has been made clear by the media, newspapers, and universities themselves. Statistics by the American Psychological Association suggest that students who need help for three main reasons, depression which affects 36.4 percent of the population, anxiety that is at 41.6 percent and relationships issues which is at 35.8 percent of the population. However, the need for counseling for drug addiction, alcoholism, medical reasons, and social issues are still a concern on campus. As a student that has used the counseling center for depression, anxiety, and social anxiety. I know, first hand, how useful seeking help can be. I would highly recommend going to the counseling center and seeking help that is both confidential and private.
I think that the stigma for seeking help should be long gone by now. I think that the stigma for mental illness or drug addiction should be gone by now. Those seeking help are bettering their life and trying to make better decisions. However, sadly that isn’t the case. As someone who has gone through the process it is a tough thing to do go through the process finding the right therapist that helps you with the tools to get through life. During my senior year, I had a difficult time finishing school. I was under stress trying to get the best GPA possible, making new friends, and dating. Having gone through a rough break up and having to drop classes I felt that I finishing school wouldn’t be a possibility. I was pushed by family and friends to finish school. But having a therapist and taking medication changed my life for the better. I graduated from the State University of New York at Purchase with a Bachelors degree in Art History. I truly believe having a therapist who I talked to and meeting new people helped me grow and graduate. I was isolated and felt extremely alone and having someone with a different perspective helped me get through that pain and isolation and become successful. I learned ways to cope with pain and depression and manage my time better. I hope that said that other students who feel the same go to the counseling center and don’t give up on their dreams or themselves. I believe that you can get through depression and anxiety by seeking help and if needed get the proper medications to help you.
So, go for yourself and ignore others who don’t seek help and don’t let you become your best self. The counseling center and counseling, in general, has helped me finish school and be where I am today. As, I apply for graduate school, I know that friends would have graduated if they had an outside perspective on what was causing them not to be successful and would have graduated. So regardless of your issues and everyone have issues you, go to the counseling center. Even if it is for one session, to join a group offered in your counseling center or just for time management issues.

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