At-Home Blow Dry

There is nothing better than freshly blow-dried, salon styled hair. The one problem is that getting a blow out at a nice salon can be costly, so it’s more like a treat than a weekly occurrence. But, not to fear, you can achieve a gorgeous blow out in your own home and food your friends into thinking you just left the salon if you follow a few easy steps.
1. Begin by washing and conditioning hair with sulfate-free products, that way your hair will have less knots and look more shiny and smooth once dried.
2. When you get out of the shower, allow your hair to air-dry for about 20 minutes before you apply heat.
3. In order to prevent any damage, apply a heat protectant to hair before blow-drying, as well as a cream, smoothing hair product.
4. Section hair off, and dry three-inch sections of hair at a time. Using a round brush, position the brush next to your face and wrap hair around the brush by first going underneath the brush, so that you are pulling up and away from your face. Pull hair up and out while spinning the brush, and keep the blow dryer close to the hair until each section is dried completely.
5. You should leave the pieces of hair that frame your face for last. Blow dry this section of hair by positioning the brush on top of your head, and placing the hair on top of the brush and back. Blow dry the pieces of hair back, and allow your hair to part naturally.
6. Finish with a light-hold hairspray for a more natural finish.

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