Attack of the Romping Roommate

College can be a time to make some great fiends, and potentially live with some really fun people. It can be a time to have house parties, or to just kick it at your place with some pretty fantastic people. College friends can end up being lifelong friends, and you may look back on your time together, or in your group, as some of the best times of your life.

But what if your roommate turns out to be not so fantastic? What if he or she is disrespectful, dirty, or keeps you up late at night? What if your roommate recycles sexual partners on a weekly or even nightly basis? What if your roommate is rocking the bed a few feet away from you?

It can be very frustrating to be sound asleep, to trying to get some rest for your class the day, and suddenly be rudely awoken by the moans and groans of your roommate with his or her latest sexual conquest.

So what do you do?

Throw something at them in the middle of their romp? Clear your throat loudly enough as to suggest they wrap it up? Address your roommate? Or, do you simply suffer the nightly sexcapades that are keeping you up each night?

I say it depends on how much your roommate lacks it, or doesn’t lack it in other departments which should be the deciding factor as to dumping them and looking for someone else, or as to figuring out a plan that works.

Let’s say your sexually gallivanting roommate is wonderful in all other areas (he or she is clean, kind, pays rent on time, and is a nice person) but loses control at night and can’t help from hooking up, and hooking up loudly at that. You should probably address him or her, and tell your roomie that his or her sex life is wearing you out more than them. Maybe they don’t even realize you’re awake.

However, if your roommate is just a loud sex machine and is additionally lacking in other areas of what qualifies them as a good roommate, it’s time to give them the boot and get some well deserved zzzs.

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