Attending college online

Sarah Rutkove is a student of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh- Online Division majoring in Interior Design. Some of her Interests include, animals, drawing, and cooking.

Attending online college isn’t really much different from attending an on-campus college. Like all colleges it has its pros and cons. Some of the pros are: not catching every illness that is going around campus, having more freedom of when to get work done, not having to attend class and not having to leave home. A few of the cons are: having to have more self- discipline and having to pay for own supplies. Online can and will be more expensive when attending college however when you think about housing and dorm supplies and having to pay for the on campus activities it is much cheaper. My college does a unique thing, which I’m not sure most online colleges do, it’s called the digital bookshelf most of the textbooks we use are in digital format and we can use anywhere we go that is another Pro of attending online college it goes where ever you go as long as you bring the supplies you need on/ off the computer with you. For the digital textbooks a digital fee is all we pay for them one digital fee per class that uses them, sure you’ll have some textbooks that you’ll have to get in hardcopy format, but this saves a lot of money this way. A big difference in attending online college is the structure of the classroom but again this also depends on the college. My college has it setup that you have a week of lectures you read through and then assignments that you complete based on the lectures, textbook readings and some outside research. Morley the professor is just there to oversee the classroom and to help students if need be, as well as also grading. The online classroom is already made for them with all the lectures, reading, and assignments that will need be. Free tutoring is also offered for your basic general education courses. They are also available to teach you about the software available to you. There are also mini courses you can take at no cost to you to learn some of the most common software the school uses. Another difference is that there are no actual breaks until you graduate besides a few here or there for holidays or a few days off in between classes. A similarity between online and campus is that you will have due dates, no matter what school you go to you will have due dates. There is no way around those so you have to make sure you hand your work in on time. The major difference about attending college online is the fact that most everything is online. So be prepared to be on the computer/ your electronics a lot. Of course online college is not for everyone. You have to make sure you have a lot of self- discipline. If you are working and attending online college, which most of us do you have no time to procrastinate. Usually assignments are due one day after another especially if you are going full time and there are no breaks like a typical college so be prepared for that. It’s your choice if you want to attend online college or a campus.

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