Attitudes toward playing a sport

I’ve learned to ski recently. Even though I’ve never been particularly afraid of heights, looking over a steep hilly drop off invariantly causes a little vertigo. It’s not the height itself, just the knowledge that I’m about to fly down it.

Naturally, during the first attempts at this sport, I took it slow. It seemed there were a million things that I would never be able to do. Surely, there will always be something harder. But as with most difficult activities, practice makes it easier. Those efforts have paid off. After the initial vertigo that comes from facing down the next slope, I can take a deep breath and go on.

Anything that seems impossible at first and simple later on feels like an accomplishment. To ski, though, you have to overcome fear also. Comfort zones have to be altered when little branches graze your arms, and when deep snow covers your still moving feet.

After pushing and pushing what I was comfortable with, I now see my skis slap the ground, landing a jump, and can’t believe it’s actually me. Effort and willpower actually transformed what I could physically and mentally handle.

It’s incredible how malleable we actually are. It sounds idealistic, but there are a lot more things we can do when we work at it. Our actual potentials are probably way higher than we could ever achieve in our lifetimes. There are infinite things to learn, and with practice almost anything can be learned (I’m not sure if anyone has figured out telekinesis, but you never know).

It seems that people are too easily discouraged. It’s absurd how often I hear the phrase “I could never do that.” With that attitude, you probably couldn’t because you’ll never try. Even simple things like writing neatly or painting nails, people tell me it’s out of their ranges. Why? I want to ask.

The basic moral I got from this mulling is to never say “never” and never think that something is “impossible.” Possibilities change all of the time. And with a little effort and some dedication, you can change what’s possible for you.

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