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3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Welding Training Program

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Welding Training Program Welding is a versatile profession. Career opportunities include working in inspection, robotics, engineering, education, project management and sales, notes this infographic developed by Tulsa Welding School. Working as a self-employed welding

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Hungover or Just Plain Tired?


We have all been there before: The night before you partied too hard and you woke up with a killer hangover. Maybe you pulled an all-nighter. You could simply just be tired because honestly, do you really need a reason

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Living Your Dream


Growing up in Ireland, surrounded by greenery and the same familiar faces, always somewhat suffocated me. I dreamt of the skyscrapers of New York City, the click of designer heels on the pavement strutting down 5th Avenue, the magic of

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High school principal job description

Have you ever been a coach or an instructor in your spare time and find yourself enjoying the job? Are you passionate about education and the school system? Are you currently involved in a leadership role in an extracurricular activity

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How to become a high school principal

This is one profession that requires further schooling after high school. In fact, education professionals are required to have a masters degree in addition to an undergraduate education. Most colleges offer an undergraduate program in education. In addition, because the

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Long Distance Relationship? No problem!


Edwin Molina is a senior at Northern Arizona University with a major in English and will be graduating with a certificate in Literature studies. Edwin is passionate about helping others through his writing and enjoys watching films and reading novels.

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How to get into college


I am a Cal State LA graduate with a BA in TV, Film & Media Studies with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism. I have a passion for Radio Broadcasting, Music Video Production, ‘Bates Motel’, Blogging, Reading and going to local

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Advice for college freshmen


By Desiree Washington Manage your time Being successful with time Study ~vs~ Fun Peer pressure can not be avoided. But how you manage your time is Key. College can be more demanding with the heavy work load given from each

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how do I choose the right college for me


By Chelsea Oliver Spring is prime time for colleges and universities to call, email, mail, and basically hound high school seniors. They all want you to attend their school and select one of their programs, so how do you choose?

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Freshman advice

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Hello everyone. I am currently a junior attending DigiPen Institute of Technology. My degree program is Bachelors of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time interactive Simulation (BSCS RTIS). The main focus for my degree is programming for video games. I

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