Avoiding the Party Culture

College has gotten a certain reputation over the years, and many people entering school nowadays are thinking more about the party atmosphere than they are about getting a degree. But what exactly do college students think about this expectation that everyone’s going to be running around campus like a drunk banshee? Some people probably go to school specifically for the social life it offers, and may even choose where to go based on where they think the best parties are. But other students really want to learn and prepare for a career, and so might not be so interested in beer pong and flip cup. Still other students may crave a strong social life, but don’t want to have to get drunk and make a fool of themselves or subject themselves to a large crowd at a house party in order to make friends and have fun. The good news is, you absolutely don’t have to. The good news about college is that you’re around a ton of people – even if you go to a small liberal arts school with only a few thousand students, that’s still a lot of students! It’s a guarantee that there will be other students who have a similar aversion to large parties and spilt beer. All you have to do is find them! Start talking to others in your classes and get a feel for what they like to do on weekends. They might already have a busy social life full of movie nights, trips to the mall, smaller parties, tickets to concerts or shows, and frequent trips to other cool events that happen off campus. If so, don’t feel shy! Ask if you could invite yourself along. This is an easy but sure fire way to find a friend group of likeminded people. You go wherever they’re going and before long your weekend calendar is jam packed! If, on the other hand, you find that some people in your class feel the same way you do, but are also having the same struggles, a different opportunity presents itself to you. It is now your job to create the social life you want! Even if you only find one person who needs some low-key activity in their life, it’s a start! Google things to do in your city and find something you can both agree on. Go check it out! You might meet people while you’re there. If you get along with them, invite them out next time. There’s nothing wrong with having friends who aren’t in school. As time goes on, chances are you’ll run into more people on campus who are looking for an alternative to the typical party culture. Your motto should be “the more the merrier.” Over time your friend group will grow, and the best part about it will be they all have the same idea of fun as you do!

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