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Roben Vallar (neé Robin Vuh-lawr) is a Senior in pursuance of a Communications degree with an emphasis in Broadcasting and is scheduled to graduate December 13, 2014. She has a love for learning, a passion for writing, an obsession with word combinations and she also loves to laugh! Roben an older student and the mother of two, decided to return to school to obtain her degree in an effort to create a better life for herself and for her family. Roben is also the 2014 recipient of the Jewel Blanton Scholarship and the recipient of the Media Alliance of Houston (KHOU 11) Broadcasting scholarship. Because of her ability to sacrifice and remain focused, Roben has some Awesome Advice to offer college students on how to stay focused when the going gets tough.

We all know just how stressful the academic part of college life can be. Whenever frustration and the desire to give up begin to cloud your vision, please refer to these focal points to get back on track:
1. Remember that nothing good comes easy and anything bad is easy to get. When things get rough and (college) life becomes way too tough, always remember the generations before us who died in order for us to have the (educational) opportunities that we have today.
2. Remember the people from the past who were persecuted and even killed for simply expressing their desire to learn. Those people paid the price and even paved the way for us present-day college students to have the opportunities that many of us (students) take for granted today.
3. Remember that there are people in the world today who desire to obtain an education but simply cannot. There are people out there who have obligations that prevent them from furthering their education; such as, adults who want to further their education but have to work and support their families instead. Another example is (young) people whose parents simply cannot afford to pay for their children’s college education and every occupant in that household has to work just to make ends meet.
4. Remember that no matter how bad you may want to give up and quit, there is always someone else out there who wants to be in your shoes. The people who want to be in your shoes are very much aware of the fact that knowledge is power and that power breaks barriers and shatters glass ceilings; allowing believers to believe and allowing achievers to achieve and succeed.
These are motivational tips that reinforce the importance of obtaining an education and how important it is never to give up when it comes to reaching your goal(s). These tips are indeed a sure-fire way to beat those college blues that arise from time to time; especially when you are so close to reaching your goal(s). I hope these tips shine some iridescent light on what can be a dark subject for some individuals.
If you take away nothing from this article, then please remember this:
The struggle is real but so is the VICTORY.

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