Back from the Dead  


Companies die.  They get in trouble.  They put out the wrong message and lose their patrons.  It is the goal of a Public Relations person to bring them back to life, get them on the right track and become successful once again.


Bringing a company back is a challenge to be sure.  A PR rep will have an arsenal at their disposal to avert the slide into oblivion.  This arsenal will include the effort by the PR strategist to sit down with management and decipher where and what went wrong.  No finger pointing allowed.  At this point the group just needs cohesion.


Next, the PR rep with management should plan a course of action.  What steps need to be taken and by whom.  Usually time is critical here so that not all momentum is lost in turning the tide.


Coming up with a beneficial campaign will be the job of the PR rep.  They will need to either deliver the truth to constituents or divert their gaze from the downfall.  A mass assault on all fronts will help.  Press, social media, radio, television, endorsements, the whole smear can be used.


Monitoring the success of the assault is the job of the PR rep but then they need to continue to get feedback so history doesn’t repeat itself.


Have companies come back from the dead?  Sure they have.  Some of the best known have succeeded by turning a liability into an asset.  A PR rep helped them look at what is wrong and make it right. It’s not all smoke and mirrors, it takes hard work and dedication.


Often times after a company has hit the skids, some fresh ideas, realignment with needs and a PR campaign that soars is the ticket out of doom and gloom.


Is it possible for a company to be resurrected?  Companies do it all the time with a smart PR team!

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