Why do people gain the freshman 15

Branden Beville is an English Major Senior at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA. An active member of the English Majors Club, Creative Writing Club, and Book Club, it is clear that his is a literary nerd. After graduating this upcoming December, Beville plans to attend Graduate school and further his education in Marketing in hopes to obtain a career with a reputable marketing firm. Until he finishes that degree, he plans to share his love of grammar and rhetoric with high school students. During the day Beville is a quiet, “head in the books” kind of guy, but at night he transforms into a lively aspiring television personality. Beville currently hosts an online talk show entitled Guy Confidential (which is currently being revamped) and hosts events such as fashion shows and parties. His dream career would be one that mimics Ryan Seacrest or Carson Daily. In addition to all of this, when there is the rare free time, Beville enjoys running national state parks, blogging, and playing with his daughter, a Jack Russell Terrier named Riley.

Transition to college life can be fun and scary at the same time. Freshman year is the time for you to really find yourself in the midst of having a social life, joining on campus organizations as well as keeping up with your studies. You learn what an “all-nighter” really is and what sleep deprivation looks like. So how in the world are you supposed to stay healthy and active? Well since adding a new day of the week is not an option just yet, here are a few tips I wish I knew upon entering into my freshman year:
1. Have a schedule. Now this may sound boring and repetitive, but having a set schedule really helps with consistency. If you know you have a 45-minute break in between classes on Monday’s, wear gym clothes to your first class and head to the campus gym to do a little cardio. The beauty of using a treadmill or elliptical is the fact that you can study while using it!
2. Take an active elective. Most schools over a dance elective of some sort. So if you have to take an elective, take one that will pay in sweat! Trust me, you will thank yourself later.
3. Find a gym buddy. For some people the intention is there, but the motivation is not. Having a friend that you can go to the gym with on a regular will help you stay motivated. If your friends just want to be lethargic, go to the gym by yourself and make a friend! Remember one of the most important keys to college, networking!
4. Set mini goals. Think of the feeling when you have a goal to get an “A” in a class and you reach that goal. You feel unstoppable! This does not just work with academics. If you set a simple goal of trying to make it to the gym or track 3 times a week, once you reach it, you will feel marvelous. The key here is treating yourself. If you run 3 days straight, enjoy an ice cream cone, you deserve it!
5. Simply, watch what you eat. Now this is pretty self-explanatory, but it is the main cause of the Freshman fifteen. Plainly put, monitor your intake and output. If you are exercising regularly, have that second plate of nachos, but if you have not worked out all week, go for a salad. Use food to treat yourself! Also, try to avoid eating too late, I know sometimes it is necessary for all-nighters, but try not to make it a habit.
There you have it, five tips that nobody wanted to share with me my freshman year. Had I known, I would not be still working to get rid of my freshman fifteen. Remember, it is always easier to maintain than loose! If you consider these tips and put them into effect in your daily life, you will not only live a healthier lifestyle, you might make a new friend in the process!

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