Balancing a Social Life at College

Being away at college is a great way to meet life-long friends. Sharing a small dorm, studying all night for exams and hanging out together on the quad are bonding moments that can be the foundation of lasting friendships. Colleges are also typically several times larger than high schools so the sheer number of potential friends can seem endless. But what happens when your social calendar starts to conflict with your study calendar? Remember these tips to ensure you can balance your campus social life while maintaining your grade point average.

Make friends who share your goals

Not all college classmates will be as motivated as you are. Some are just there because their parents expect them to earn a degree and aren’t all that keen on a career. If your objective is to find people to socialize with, you likewise should avoid trying to hit it off with people who only want to study and talk about their schoolwork. When meeting new people, try to ask what they want to get out of their college life and look for similarities when you can.

Schedule time for work and play

It can be tricky to find the right balance in college. Partying can be particularly tempting when there are different events happening every day of the week. How to choose? Decide ahead of time how many nights you can devote to going out, then chose the most compelling of the options. You will always be missing out on something but just remind yourself how lucky you are to have so many options.

Log off

Technology can make it particularly difficult to focus on schoolwork when so many friends and social activities are tempting you through social networks and smart phones. When deadlines loom, it’s time to unplug from all distractions and temptations while you get the job done. The world will still be there when you log back in again!

A memorable college experience is more than just top grades. Straight A’s might look good on your transcript but they really don’t mean that much to potential employers. (An exception is made for students looking to get into grad schools where they will need as high a grade point average as possible). By being selective of your friends and social activities and learning to stay focused on school when you need to be, you can find the balance you need to get the most out of your college years. They will go by so fast so always take a moment to enjoy it!

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