Be in Bloom

Floral patterns were a huge trend this spring, but just because spring has passed and summer has arrived doesn’t mean to forget about flowers. Make sure to wear floral patterns throughout the summer as well.
One of the easiest ways to wear a floral pattern is in a dress. With endless styles and colors your options are unlimited. Wear a knee length dress with cap sleeves to any wedding or baby shower. Wear a breathable maxi dress covered in flowers to a music festival. Or try wearing a skirt with a large floral pattern to work.
Floral patterns can also be found on shirts, tanks, and jeans, but don’t limit yourself to just clothes. There are a ton of ways to add floral to any outfit. Try a flower in your hair. This literal take on the trend is romantic and can be dressed up or down. Wear a flower headband or wrap a floral scarf around your hair to add functional style. If you’re not big on flowers in your hair then wear some floral jewelry. You can find earrings, necklaces, broaches, and bracelets all with unique flower designs. Take this trend head to toe by wearing sandals with a flower embellishment or slip ons covered in daisies.
If you would rather carry this trend then buy a great clutch, purse, or lunch bag with a floral pattern. Since this trend can be designed so many ways you can literally find anything with flowers on it. Try a cell phone case or sunglasses with flowers on them. Both options are a subtle way to accessorize with flowers, preventing you from looking like a full blown garden.
Remember to pick one statement piece with flowers and leave the rest of your outfit plain or neutral. This allows you to showcase your style and floral piece without wilting under too many buds.

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