Be open-minded

Neelofer Lodhy has been practicing the art of journalism for over 10 years. A recent graduate from California State University Northridge, she received her bachelor’s degree of art in Journalism, with a minor in English Writing and Rhetoric. Neelofer is currently working as a photographer for a non-profit organization while actively working to maintain her online magazine.
Since first attending Santa Monica Community College back in 2008, I always held a mentality that I wasn’t attending school to make friends, but that I was there to complete my education. I thought that if I had focused my attention anywhere else but school, I wouldn’t be able to properly complete my education. How very wrong I was.
I began working as a staff writer on the Santa Monica Corsair for a semester to further boost my journalistic skills. I later advanced my position to Arts & Entertainment editor the following semester, where I would meet one of the most important people in my life.
It was a layout night and the other section editors and myself were making dinner arrangements, as it was going to be a late production night. I remember taking orders and offering to pick up dinner when a beautiful young girl offered to accompany me. I had recognized her before as she had once written a film review for my section. Though we didn’t speak much, something about her willingness to help me made me take a step back, and gladly welcome her on my short break from the newsroom. Her name was Vienna Urias.
The second we sat in my car and the radio turned on, she had commented on how much she loved the band I was listening to. I was astonished as no one I had met really showed any interest in the music I liked, and I never expected this young stylish girl to be a fan of such heavy music. Before we knew it, a very close bond had been created.
After that day, Vienna and I remained in close contact. We met up any chance we could, and strengthened our friendship with each visit.
Throughout this time, Vienna had expressed to me that she would love to start her own publication some day. I was fond of the idea as we both shared the same interests. We were so excited at the possibility of what we could create and whom we could share it with, that we proceeded to go move forward and create our own online magazine, Ladylike.
The magazine has reached its three-year anniversary just this past February, and is currently undergoing maintenance for a new image.
It’s events like these that should remind us of the possibilities we have at creating something amazing just by the interactions we share with people. Since then, I learned to never keep this close-minded mentality and had made an amazing set of friends from the journalism staff at CSUN. It’s important to be open-minded because the people you meet in college can help you go a long way in life.

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