Be Open To Change, But Do Not Change Too Much

Kevia Croft is a sophomore at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA majoring in Economics. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Kevia comes from a diverse Caribbean background. Currently, she is the president of the Caribbean – American Student Association on her campus and a Financial Intern for both Michelle Nunn (the Democratic Party nominee in the race for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seat) and for the office of Business and Finance Affairs at Spelman College. Outside of school, Kevia has been a professional DJ for five years and has been a seamstress for two years. She takes interest in helping others, traveling, music, and fashion.

Going to college will be one of the most exciting times of your life, and for those who go away for school, the world away from home is one that is full of new experiences and wonders.

As a sophomore at Spelman College, I remember move-in day like it was yesterday—nevertheless, coming from the Big Apple, moving to the “A” was definitely challenging for me. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy that I was going to attend Spelman College in the historical city of Atlanta, Georgia, but I had to get use to the smaller city life. Finally after I did that, I was able to recognize the hidden gems in the haystack.

As you become settled in your school’s community, the question of “Did I make the right choice? ” has probably floated though your mind. If you can dubiously answer that question with a yes, congratulation, it is a great feeling when you’re in an environment that has comparatively matched your identity and interests.

But, if you have a feeling of uncertainly, do not worry. It is ok to say that you just might not be as open to change as you thought you were. For me, not having convenient accessibility to forms of transportation was a hard challenge to overcome. And because of this I often stayed in my dorm and did not bother to go out.

If you are have feelings similar to this, I will tell you from experience that you are most likely missing out on some great opportunities to learn more about the culture at your school. During my second semester of college, I realized this. I made some incredible friends in my dorm that encouraged me to go out and enjoy college for what it was. And I have to say, when I decided to do this, those feeling of uncertainty soon sprouted into flowers of school pride.

It is difficult working up the courage to fully allow change into your life, but the beauty in the learning experience is always worth the risk.

Now, I advise you not to let the “college life” consume you. If you are more of small-town person and being at college has shown you how big and diverse the world is, be careful not too indulge heavy at one time. Remember, we are in college for four years, so you do not have to conquer the world of college in one day.

Also, if the problems you are facing at school are not cause by the social environment, I have advised for you too. If your school ambiance turned out to be something different then what you thought it was, do not feel like you must transfer.

Always try to make the best out of every situation you are placed in. All schools have their problems. The question is, what role will you serve in its revamping? Will you be the one that simply complains, or the one that is willing to fix them.

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