Be Sexy, Not Sleazy

Before choosing a sexy look, first be sure your destination calls for it. For example, never go for a sexy look if you’re going to class. Even if your look is sexy, it will look sleazy if the look is inappropriate for the venue, such as a classroom.

Next, the key to being sexy and not sleazy is to wear only one revealing item. If your skirt is short, wear a conservative top. If your neckline is plunging, wear pants. In addition to only wearing one revealing item, only one aspect of the item should be revealing. For example, don’t go for a midriff top that also has a plunging neckline. Also important is to select an item that says sexy rather than stripper. Go for items of quality material, and be wary of shiny material when the article is also sexy. That combination can come off as cheap.

Keep in mind that clothing can be sexy without be overtly provocative. Articles with cutouts are a good example. The unexpected hole in the clothing makes it surprising and therefore sexy, even if it’s not particularly revealing. Sometimes the material can be what makes it sexy. Leather, sheer and lace can make clothing sexy, even if it’s not revealing.

Be sure to dress for your body type. If you are small chested, a plunging neckline may not be sexy on you. If you’re thicker around the midsection, don’t go for the midriff. It’s key to go for the items that emphasize your best features. If you have killer legs, go for the miniskirt or booty shorts. If you do have a large bust, go for the plunging necklines and keyhole tops. If you have six-pack abs, go for the midriff. If you have a muscular back, go for the open-back shirt.

Dressing sexy in the winter can be a little more challenging because you want to stay warm too. If you want to wear a dress or skirt, pair it with knee-high boots, which can be surprisingly warm. For an extra layer of warmth, wear knee-high socks underneath. For sexy wintertime tops, find v-neck and keyhole sweaters. As long as it doesn’t have palm trees on it or some other summer feature, you can pair your summer tops underneath a cute shrug, and your plunging neckline will still be visible and sexy.

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