Be True To Yourself

The pressure of college admission has gotten more and more intense over the years. The path to getting in has gotten more confusing. The people around you don’t have the answers you so desperately need because there are no real right answers. With something as complicated as getting into college, there is no formula. So you are on your own on how to navigate this process. It can be really easy to get lost and that is why during this process, staying true to yourself will be the only compass you can go by.

Everyone Will Have an Opinion

The people around you will all have an opinion of how you should approach applying for college. While in high school, getting into college will eventually become the main topic of conversation. Friends and family will gossip about which schools are best, which have bad reputations, which have the best financial aid, which are the party schools, etc. Odd bias will come to light. For example, maybe you really want to go to a great school that is near an awesome ski resort. However your parents refuse to hear it because you are an avid snowboarder and your parents fear that you will snowboard rather than study. Yes, these types of crazy opinions will pop up while you are getting ready to apply for college.

However as stated earlier, even though you desperately want for the people around you to have the right answers to help you through the college admission process, they don’t have them. You have to be true to yourself and realize that just because you will have access to an amazing ski resort to snowboard your stress away, that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to make college your number one priority. Then again, you have to be mature enough to self asses and admit if your parents really are right and the temptation will be too much for you.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

People are going to try to convince you that this school is the place for you. Maybe the school looks great on paper. Maybe it outranks the school that really captured your heart. You hear and understand from friends and family that you would be insane to refuse the more prestigious school, but somehow you cannot stomach the idea of attending that one. Listen to your inner voice. You know yourself better than anyone. If you start to cringe at the thought of going to that college before you even start your first class, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Ignore the Naysayers

On the other side of being encouraged to go to college, family might discourage it. They might want you to run the family business instead, or they will complain about the cost and tell you that it is impossible. Or worse, they might tell you that you aren’t smart enough to make it in, so why even bother trying. If you truly feel that college is the right path for you, go for it and give it a try.

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