Beauty How-To: The Ultimate Cat-Eye

Cat-eye make-up is a stylish classic for a reason – it’s sultry, feminine, flattering on everyone and makes your eyes look H-U-G-E. Haven’t mastered it yet? Check out this quick tutorial for a step-by-step guide.
Before we start, a word about the eyeliner itself. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a traditional creamy eyeliner, gel eyeliner, an eyeliner pen or regular eye shadow you dampen with water and apply with a pointed brush. Just make sure you’re comfortable with your particular beauty tool. For a steadier hand, you can rest your elbow on the surface in front of the mirror. Like any specialized beauty “look,” practice makes perfect.
• Start at the inside corner of your eye and gently drag the eyeliner all the way across your upper lash line. At about two-thirds of the way across, start to angle the eyeliner up and past the top outer corner of your eye.

• Step back and look at the effect. If you want more drama, extend that outer corner line with more eyeliner to give it a “winged” effect. Don’t move on to the lower lashes until you’re happy with the line.

• Make sure the line is thicker at the end, and thins out as it reaches the inner corner of the eye. If the line is the same thickness across your upper lashes, the “cat” eye effect is lost and it just looks like one big blocky line.

• Following the natural shape of your eye, continue to line the bottom lash line. Extend all the way to the inner corner of the eye and meet the upper lash line application of eyeliner. Your eye will be fully lined at this point.

• Step back again and review your look. Apply touch-ups of more eyeliner if needed. If you need to remove any, dampen the tip of a cotton swab and carefully dab at the excess. Brush on some setting eye shadow to avoid a harsh line and you’re done!

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