Beauty Must-Haves Every College Woman Needs in her Make-Up Bag

There are so many choices out there – so many different make-up lines and beauty products. We’ve boiled the basics down to just a few. If you’re packing these essentials, you don’t really need much else!
• Tweezers
You probably already own a pair, but how does it feel in your hand? Does it grip individual hairs without fail and efficiently remove them without too much effort on your part? Then you’ve found the right pair of tweezers. Plucking your eyebrows and going after other unwanted hairs is a necessary part of any woman’s essential beauty kit.
• Blush
Nothing else wakes up your face and gives a glorious glow like the right shade of blush. Here’s a tip: swipe it on just the apples of your cheeks, not your cheekbones and up in to your hairline. It will look streaky, not natural. Also, don’t worry about the color of the powder appearing too bright. Blush will only look fake if it’s over-applied and the wrong shade for your skin type.
• Mascara
Mascara = magic. Why is it such a great part of your beauty routine? It doesn’t read as make-up. It’s just a beautiful enhancement of the lashes that line your peepers. If you wear no other make-up, we would suggest investing in a high-quality mascara. Your eyes will pop!
• Signature fragrance
Your Mom probably has one. Maybe your Grandmother too. It’s never too early in a woman’s life to find your signature fragrance. Pay attention to what scents you’re drawn to. Do you like fresh, crisp, “green,” scents over musky and smoky? The beauty counters at departments stores are a perfect place to try out some fragrances to find the one that speaks to you.
• Lip color and gloss
Okay, this last one is sort of two products, but having some color on your lips, plus some shine, is an equally important element. Layering different textured glosses and lipsticks can help you find the exact right look for your lips.

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