Beauty Pointers for Brand New College Students

Heading off to college means uprooting your home, your old life, your hometown friends, your schedule. Maybe you had a part-time job in high school, maybe you were a killer athlete. Well, all that is about to change and with it, your beauty and make-up routine. Welcome this new change by learning some tips off the bat. You’ll be glowing in no time.
• Drink water non-stop – You’ll not only feel more full which will inhibit snacking and overeating, your skin will benefit from the constant hydration. This beauty tip is even more important when you’re trekking to classes, fitting in work-outs in the middle of the day or drinking too much coffee during exam time. Water is a cure-all as it fights bloating, keeps your skin clear and keep you away from the junk food.

• Start out with a fresh, clean face every day – For those early morning classes, it is certainly a temptation to just get up, brush your teeth and go. But trust us on this one. Starting out the day with a clean face will help prevent breakouts, sun damage (if you apply a sunscreen, girl!) and in general, will just help you feel more put together and awake.

• Use convenience products – Facial cleanser wipes, sunscreen wipes, eye make-up remover wipes…these things are miracles, every one of them. So easy to just swipe on (or off) and go to bed. These products are especially great if you have to trek to your dorm bathroom down the hall to get running water.

• Find your signature beauty ritual – Every girl needs just that one thing to make her feel polished. Yours may be red lipstick or winged eyeliner or bronzer or a fresh manicure. It doesn’t really matter what it is so much as how it makes you feel.

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