Beauty routine

You might be someone who used to spend an hour getting ready for class, or maybe you’ve never really given a beauty routine much thought. But there is truth to the saying, “If you look good, you feel good.”

Either way, a beauty routine needn’t take hours. In fact, here is one that can take just fifteen minutes. Time enough for you to eat a nice, healthy breakfast before heading to your first class for the day.

First, prep the palette. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser appropriate to your skin type (i.e., oily, dry, or combination). Next, use an alcohol-free toner to help remove the remaining old skin cells and sebum which would otherwise begin to clog your pores. Lastly, use a alcohol-free moisturizer with sunscreen, appropriate to your skin type.

Palette prepped, dust your face lightly with a good-quality powder, then colour your cheeks and the sides of your brow with a bronzer or mild blush. Apply gel or pencil eyeliner and then use a small brush to soften the line, no need for eye-shadow. Enhance your eyes with a touch of mascara. Lastly, add a little moisturizing lip gloss to top it all off in under five minutes.

Now for your hair. There are products today, that allow you to style your hair without blow-drying for hours. Take a small spray bottle and just dampen you hair. This is the key, you don’t want you hair fully wet. Time is critical here, you have more important things to do, right? Next, apply a styling spray to protect it from heat.

For straight styles, use a round, metallic or ceramic brush, and blow-dry your hair to a nice, glossy finish. For curly styles, use a volumizing mousse for your hair-type, and blow dry with a diffuser. Scrunch your hair as you go. For both styles, to prevent strays or frizz, finish with a smoothing finishing spray. That’s ten minutes for your hair.

And that’s it. You will look fresh faced and well put-together. Ready to face the day in under fifteen minutes.

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