Keep Oily Hair at Bay
If you are tired of having hair that looks greasy before the sun goes down or if you just wish that you could skip a day of shampooing every once in a way, change up your routine! Oily hair can be a hassle but there is a lot that you can do to make it more manageable. With the right products and routine, you can forget about trying to hide it in a ponytail!

Use the Right Shampoo

If you can’t go more than 24 hours without washing your hair, it’s time to pick up a clarifying shampoo. Use it once a week in place of your normal shampoo to wash away the product buildup that collects from gels, sprays, and conditioners. Start paying attention to the way that you wash too! If you have oily hair, you don’t need to condition your roots. Stick with shampoo and your roots and just condition the tips of your hair. If you still feel like you need to wash everyday, skip the conditioner. Use a conditioning shampoo or a two-in-one then just add some leave-in conditioner to any dry areas.

Clean Up In A Pinch

There are a few tricks to extending the time between washes and they can lifesavers during warm weather or for anyone who has particularly oily hair. If you find yourself in a pinch and need to run out of the house without washing, look for some baking soda or baby powder. Sprinkle some onto your fingertips and massage it into your scalp. You can also dust your hairbrush with it and run it through. Avoid sprinkling it directly on your scalp because it can end up in a powdery mess, especially if you’re in a rush.

Soak It Up Between Washes

Dry shampoo is an essential part of your beauty arsenal if you have oily hair. Keep some on hand all of the time at home and get a travel bottle for your purse. All you need to do is spray it on your roots (do be througasl though- pick up sections of hair to get to all of your roots, especially at the back of your head). Massage it in with your finger tips then brush it out. There are tons of options out there in both spray and powder form so try a few to see what suits you. If you have dark hair, look for products made for brunettes so you don’t have to worry about telltale white spots. Since most women with oily hair also have fine hair, this can totally save your style. In addition to whisking away the oil in your hair, it can also create body. Don’t be too fastidious about brushing it out. Just check it make sure that you have brushes away in visible powder, then leave some in to create to plump up your hair and make it look more voluminous.

Skimp of Product

If you have fine, oily hair don’t weigh it down with products. Look for products specifically designed for oily, fine hair and use them sparingly. Volumizing powders, just applied at your roots, can go a long way in boost volume. Avoid adding too much to the ends of your hair to prevent it from going flat.

Summer Beauty Fixes
Issue: Makeup Meltdown

Fix: During the summer, look for waterproof everything! You might get away with a full face of makeup if you are sitting inside all day in the air conditioning but it’s likely to just turn into a mess by the end of a hot day out. Save yourself the trouble and stick with the basics. Find some waterproof mascara and tinted moisturizer. If you want a little more color, add some eyebrow wax pencil and a tinted lip balm.

Issue: Painful Sunburn
Fix: You already know how important sunscreen is so stop skimping! Apply it every two hours when you are outside, regardless of how hot the sun actually feels. While there are some thing that you can do to take the sting away, any change in the color of your skin tone is damage and it’s not reversible.
Lectures aside, get your hot hands onto some cold whole milk. The lactic acid and protein in milk will help soothe skin irritation and reduce redness. The fat content of the milk is important though so be sure to get whole milk rather than skim or 2%. All you need to do it soak a cotton ball in the milk and apply it to your skin.
Issue: Frizzy Hair

Fix: The most important part of fighting frizzy hair is to get to it while it’s still wet. Look for an anti-frizz product or a relaxing serum.

Issue: Fading Color

Fix: Between swimming and being out in the sun more, you hair can take a serious hit over the summer. To keep your hair looking lush, use a clarifying shampoo weekly and invest in shampoo and condition that is designed for your hair type.

If you are looking for an easy DIY fix at home, try some tea! Chamomile tea is great for blonde hair while black tea will bring back the luster to dark hair. Just make a big pot of tea. You’ll need one tea bag for every liter of water. Plan for about two-three liters because you’ll be using it as a rinse. Start with clean, dry hair then just dump the tea (after it cools) over your hair. Put on a shower cap and let the mixture sit for 20 minutes. After it has soaked into your hair, rinse it out then shampoo and condition as you normally would.

If you know that you are going to be in the sun a while, add some leave-in conditioner to your hair and wear it up. If you’ll be getting your hair wet, go for some straight conditioner. It’ll help keep your hair protected while the sun will leave it feeling like you just did a deep conditioning treatment.

Issue: Oily Face

Fix: You might need to lay off the moisturizer during the summer. If you have dry skin, add a light layer in the morning but avoid your t-zone if you find that it’s getting shiny by midday. Carry around blotting paper or just grab some recycled napkins while you’re on the go. Adding more powder to your face can just result in clogged pores so you’re better of to take care of the problem directly. If you have particularly oily skin, look for masks that are designed for your skin type and start using them weekly.

How to Get a Real Looking Faux Tan
Go to the Salon

If you aren’t confident in your abilities, just head to a tanning salon. There is little to no price difference between an expensive bottle of self-tanning lotion and a discounted spray tan. Be realistic about how much time you want to spend perfecting your tan at home. If you simply don’t like dealing with the mess of creams and lotions, check out the options from local tanning salons. Most salons run deals on a regular basis and have monthly membership options so don’t just assume that doing it at home is the more budget-friendly route.

Perfect the Sunkissed Face

First off, be sure to always start with your hair up. Pull every strand into a ponytail so you have a full view of your face. Use an exfoliating cleanser to get a good starting palate. Blend a few drops of self-tanning cream with your normal facial moisturizer. Be sure to go with a natural looking self-tanning cream for the best results. Look for a cream that is just one shade darker than your natural tones. Once you’ve mixed it with your moisturizer and self-tanner, apply it all over your neck and face. It takes a few hours for the color to develop so it’s best to do this before bed.

Once you have a base shade, you can add a bronzer powder for a deeper looking tan. Brush over the areas of your face that the sun would naturally hit like your cheekbones, nose and chin. Be sure to go over your ears and neck lightly to ensure an even finish.

Get a Streak Free Finish
The key to getting a natural looking tanning to be quick and thorough and always use a tanning mitt. If you don’t have a mitt, use a pair of rubber gloves. Work over one area at a time. When you are applying lotion to your legs it is important to avoid your knees, ankles, and feet at first. You can- and should- apply self-tanner there but only after you’ve covered the rest of your leg. Rather than just rubbing it on like you would with a normal moisturizer, take the time to really massage it into your skin. Once you have it massaged in well, use the excess cream on your skin to lightly go over your knees and ankles. The same goes for your elbows and wrists. A little bit goes a long way and it’s far easier to add more later than to deal with streaks.
Find the Right Cream
Gradual self-tanning creams are much easier to use than instant tanners. You will need to do multiple applications to get a darker tan but it will moisturize your skin at the same time so it’s actually a timesaver in the long run. If you want to go for an instant tan, do some research and find a well reviewed product. If you end up with a self-tanning lotion that looks unnatural, add some moisturizer to it for a more natural look.

Rescue Fried Hair
Fried Hair: Level One
If your hair has dry ends and is lacking in shine, go for a deep conditioner. Products with keratin will help build up your hair’s strength. These treatments are particularly good for frizzy hair. It’s easy to find single use packets of deep conditioning treatments at any beauty supply shop so sample a few brands and types to see what works best for your hair. Once you decide on a product that you like, stick with it and use it twice a week.
Be sure to also give your hair time to repair itself. There is nothing better for your hair than its own natural oils. If you are shampooing your hair daily, stop! Opt for dry shampoo to length the time between washes and cover your hair with a shower cap when you bathe. If your hair feels drier after a day without washing, just use a little bit of conditioner on the ends.
Fried Hair: Level Two
You can upgrade your deep conditioning masks by heating them up. Find a good hair repairing mask (ones with cetyl alcohol are particularly effective at locking in moisture). Use a hair dryer to heat up the mask. Spend about 10 to 15 minutes going over each area with the hair dryer. Don’t use a brush though. Your hair is too fragile when it’s wet so just stick with your fingers for detangling and spreading out the conditioning mask.
Fried Hair: Level Three
If your hair has really reached the breaking point, go at it from all angles. Use a weekly protein treatment to build up your hair’s strength. It doesn’t need to be an extra effort. Just use it in place of your regular conditioner and give it some time to soak in. For a softness and shine, start using an oil treatment once to twice a month as well. Olive or coconut oil works well or just stock up on some treatments from a local beauty shop.
Fried Hair: Level Four
While you can do a lot to improve the look and feel of damaged hair, you can’t actually repair split ends. If you have a lot of broken ends, cut them off! It will save you a lot of time and look infinitely better. Browse magazines and the internet for shorter styles that you like. Don’t get set on one particular length. Keep an open mind and ask your stylist for recommendations.
Stop It Before It Starts
It’s far easier to prevent damage than to fix it. If your hair is already damaged, you need to be especially careful with it. Take a serious look at your routine. Are you using hot tools every day? Do you always wear your ponytail in the same spot? How often are you coloring your hair? By the time that your hair is shoulder length, the strands are about two years old so you are literally carrying around the results of every bit of damage.
You don’t need to stop having fun with your hair though. Look for simple swaps. Rather than using permanent color, go for glazes or semi-permanent treatments. Find no-heat styling tips. Your haircut itself can make a major difference as well so talk to your stylist about easy-to-style options.

How to Minimize and Hide Your Pores
Sadly, your pore size has a lot to do with genetics. And that old myth about using hot water to open your pores and cold water to close them? Forget about it! So what can do you about them?

Prevent Skin Damage

You already know that you should be wearing SPF so get on it! Wearing sunscreen does make a major difference in the look of your pores both in the long term and the short term. Remember, the SPF added into your makeup isn’t enough unless you are reapplying it multiple times per day. Use a separate sun block, especially when you’ll be out in the sun for more than a couple of hours.

Keep Up On the Daily Care

You probably already know that it is important to wash your face everyday so keep at it! It’s one of the easiest, most inexpensive way to keep your face looking great. And, while hot and cold water don’t exactly open and close your pores, warm water is helpful in softening up any goo that might be clogging your pores. Don’t go crazy with it though. Lukewarm water is fine and a cool splash at the end of your wash will help reduce any inflammation.

Add In little Extras

Washing your face and applying SPF is a great foundation for any skin care regimen but a little bit of extra effort can result in some major payoff. Exfoliating your face once or twice a week is great for clearing out your pores and give your skin a dewy glow. Use an exfoliating scrub or apply your normal cleanser with a facial brush. Remember to use gentle strokes. If you are too aggressive with your exfoliation you can actually inflame your pores and ended up making them look even larger.

Use the Right Products for the Job

Salicylic acid is pretty much the go-to product for any skin issue and with good reason. It is great at clearing out your pores as well as preventing and treating acne. It comes in nearly any product labeled for acne from lotions to creams to masks. If you aren’t already using it, gradually introduce it into your product lineup. It can cause irritation so start with a bit then work your way up to find the right amount for your skin.

If you are looking for a stronger alternative to salicylic acid, look for products that contain a retinoid. Creams with retinol help your skin produce new collagen which will create a fuller look.
Fake It Til You Make It

All skin care regimens take time. You need to stick with it for at least a few weeks before you start seeing results. If you are looking for a quick fix, get to the cosmetics counter. Primer is one of the best things to use to create the illusion of a smooth complexion. It will gloss over your pores without clogging them.

When it comes to foundation, use a makeup sponge rather than your fingers. The rough surface of the sponge will dislodge any makeup that gets stuck in your pores whereas your faces will just blend it into your skin and increase your chances of getting clogged pores.

Do’s and Don’ts of Blow Drying
DO: Get the right settings!
Of course, your first step is to get the right tools. It’s important to have the right blow dryer for your hair. Fine hair can be seriously damaged by a dryer that is too hot and styling thick hair will be next to impossible if your dryer doesn’t get hot enough. Look for something with multiple heat levels and don’t just pick up the first dryer that you see. Doing a bit of research will really pay off in the long run.
DON’T: Leave your hair dryer on the same spot for too long
You can minimize styling damage by keeping your dryer constantly moving. You wouldn’t iron your clothes by just setting the iron down and leaving it on one spot. Show your hair the same careful care- afterall, it’s much easier to replace your clothes than your hair!
DO: Wrap Your Hair Vertically
When you are styling your hair, hold the brush vertically against your head. While curling your hair under can work for some styles, it tends to look outdated with most cuts. By holding your brush vertically rather than horizontally, you can get a modern, fresh looking wave to your hair.
DON’T: Style with Metal Brushes
Metal brushes can get very hot in a very short period of time. While that may sound great for styling, it likely to get far hotter than you need it to. There are tons of great options out there that will give you the perfect blowout so forget about the old-fashioned metal brush. Look into ceramic brushes that work with your hair type.
DO: Use Your Hands More
You can only get your brush so close to your head so go for your fingers if you want to get a root lifting boost. Pick your hair up from the roots and hold it taut while you run your hair dryer up and down the length of it. This is a great starting point for a good blowout because it will create allover body and lift. If you are looking to get pin straight hair, pull your hair forward. Take a small section at a time and pull it forward. Regardless of where it lays on your head, pull it forward and hold it a few inches in front of your noses (or as far as your hair reaches). This will create an allover sleek look.
DON’T: Work with too much hair at a time
Create small buns all around your head so you only have to work with a few small sections of hair at a time. This is particularly important if you have thick hair. If there is too much hair in the way, it will be nearly impossible to properly position your hair dryer and you will likely end up creating off styles by heating up the wrong sections of hair. It only takes a few minutes to secure your hair into buns with a clip and it’ll save you time overall. Don’t worry about creating even sections. Just focus on getting the hair out of the way.

Do’s and Don’ts of Waxing
DO: Try a DIY wax
Get an at-home waxing kit and try it on your own or enlist a friend to help. Waxing in a salon can be pricey and some of the discounts salons are downright dangerous. It’s important to always use clean, fresh tools and doing it at home is one way to ensure that everything is new and disinfected. The first time you do it can be a little tricky so ask around to see if you have any friends with experience. If you’re new and doing it on your own, check out reviews online to see which kits are easy to use.
DON’T: Exfoliate or use anti-aging products before waxing
It’s important to keep the irritation of waxing to a minimum. Avoid products with retinol or alphahydroxy acids before you have your waxing done. They can cause serious irritation. Also, be sure to avoid any body scrubs or exfoliating body brushes. If you are having a facial wax, go for a simple face wash in the morning and save the scrubs for another day.
DO: Research the salon
Ask around to see where that you know go for waxing. If you can’t any good recomendations for your area, check online and see who has the best reviews. Again, hygiene is really important so look into the salon ahead of time and don’t be shy about snooping around and asking questions.
DON’T: Go for a wax before or during your period
You can get a waxing done on any day of the month but the week before and during your period isn’t ideal. You are more sensitive during these two weeks so it will feel more painful than it would during the other half of the month. Consider just shaving or using a depilatory cream if your period is coming up.
DO: Plan to go painfree
Regardless of what time of month you go for your waxing, it will hurt. Some salons offer an anesthetic that will numb the area or you can take a pain reliever before you go. If you are waxing at home, you might want to just ice the area that you are planning to wax so you can decrease irritation. After you wax, apply an aloe cream or ice the area. Be sure to avoid any products with alcohol in them because it will sting.
DON’T: Get too hot
Sweating can increase your chance of infection and irritation so wear cool, breathable clothes after you wax. Avoid sweating as much as you can. Skip working out until the next day and stick inside as much as you can if it’s hot out.
DO: Know what’s normal
Waxing does hurt a bit but it should not hurt for more than a few hours. If the area is swollen or painful the next day, check with your doctor. You may have an allergy to the wax or one of the products used or it is possible that you have an infection. A simple cream can clear it up so don’t delay.

The Lowdown on Facial Mists
How Not to Use
There are a lot popular mists that are just pure mineral water. They can be useful and incredibly refreshing but make sure that you are using them right! By misting your face with water then letting it dry, you are drying out your skin. This can be fine on hot days or if you have oily skin but it might come as an unpleasant surprise if you are looking for something hydrating. If you are using something labelled as a mineral or thermal mist, you should hold it a few inches from your face then spritz it on. Let it sit for a minute on your skin then blot it off with a tissue or paper towel. Even if your skin is oily, don’t mist it all day long then let it sit. You will end up overdrying your skin, which can lead to excess oil production and you will be worse off than when you started!
Getting the Most from Your Mist
Beyond just refreshing your skin throughout the day, mineral and thermal mists can be a great addition to your morning arsenal. You may have heard that you should apply moisturizer directly after the shower while your skin is still wet. This is because the moisturizer will keep the water locked to your skin and leave you feel hydrated for hours. If you aren’t freshly showered and want to apply facial moisturizer, spritz on some facial spray then apply your moisturizer for the same effect.
To look your products in place and keep your face looking dewey all day, spray your face before each before each layer of products. So, before you add a moisturizer, spray your skin with facial spray. Let that dry then add your foundation. Follow the same steps for each additional product.
Types of Facial Sprays
So far we have just covered mineral water facial sprays but there is a plethora of options out there. On top of the mineral spray, you might have heard of some facial mists called binder sprays. Those have a mineral water base as well but they also have essential oils added which will meld with your makeup to create a flawless look.
If your main concern is getting your makeup to last, look for finishing or setting sprays. Those are alcohol based and will seal your makeup. They don’t typically have the same refreshing feel as the water based sprays do but they will keep your makeup in place for hours. The results vary based on skin type and the specific brand but they can make your face feel a bit tight. It is best to rely on these for special events or warm days when you want your makeup to stay in place.
DIY Alternative
If you find yourself suffering from some sticker shock at the price of mineral water in a spray bottle, try making your own! All you need is a bottle of distilled water and a couple of teaspoons of glycerin (which you should be able to find at any pharmacy).
Perfume Do’s and Don’ts
If you love perfume but can never quite find the right balance between too subtle and completely overpowering, it is time to learn the secret to the perfect spray.
DO: Know where to apply it

Apply your perfume to your pulse points. This means you should focus on your wrists, the base of your throat, behind your ears, on your chests, behind your knees, and in yours elbows. If you are wearing an oil, roll-on, or stick perfume, you can dab a bit on each spot. If you are wearing a spray, just focus on a few areas or the scent will be overwhelming.
DON’T: Ingest it!
Obviously, you should keep your perfume off of your face and hands. While it may smell good, it tastes terrible. Keep this in mind if it’s a date night too! No one wants to taste your perfumed neck.
DO: Apply perfume before you get dressed
Some clothes can handle perfume while others will be damaged by it. It is best to just avoid getting any amount of perfume on your clothes. Of course, your clothes will soak up the scent throughout the day but you want to make sure that you avoid getting perfume directly onto the fabric. Direct contact can damage delicate materials. The same is true for your jewelry so wait for your perfume to dry before putting anything on.
DON’T: Walk through a cloud of perfume
While there is nothing wrong with spraying your perfume in front of you then walking through it, it is wasteful. Just spray it directly onto your skin and your bottle will last longer. And don’t forget about your pulse points- that’s where you want to focus your sprays anyway!

DO: Apply perfume after you moisturize

Perfume will linger on hydrated skin for longer. If you want to maximize the scent, go for a fragrance-free moisturizer then apply your perfume after the moisturizer has soaked in and your skin is dry.

DON’T: Rub your wrists together after applying

Rubbing your wrists together after applying perfume is bad habit to get into! It can actually cause a dramatic change to the scent by crushing the oils. Get into the habit of just spraying it on then letting it dry.

DO: Perfume your hair
Add a light mist of perfume to your hair for a scent that will linger all day. As is often the case with perfume, a little bit goes a long way. Hold the perfume bottle at a distance and add a single spray.
DON’T: Get recommendations for your friends
The tricky thing about choosing a perfume is that the scent can really vary from person to person. It’s great to bring a friend perfume shopping with you for a second opinon but don’t assume that her favorite perfume will smell the same way on you.
DO: Add a petroleum jelly base
If you add a very thin layer of petroleum jelly to your skin before you apply your perfume, the scent will last for longer. The petroleum jelly layer will prevent the scent from soaking into your pores and eventually fading away.
Simple DIY Body Scrubs
Whether you are looking to save some cash or just start living a bit greener, now is the time to start making your own beauty scrubs. Forget about the recipes that will leave you searching the internet and paying out to buy speciality essential oils. You really don’t need anything that you can’t find at your local grocery store and you definitely don’t need any chemicals.
Soothe Your Dry Skin
The simplest and most effective body scrubs just require a bit of salt or sugar mixed in with some oil. One of the best things about making your own body scrub is that you can personalize it so it works for your skin type.
If you have sensitive skin, go for sugar. It is gentler on skin than salt. If you’re skin is particularly prone to irritation, go for brown sugar. You might even want to vary the blend depending on where you are using. If you are looking the a foot scrub, salt can be great for rough areas around your heels and the balls of your feet. Whichever ingredient you choose for the scrub, stick with a fine grain. Coarse grain can tear away at skin and cause irritation. If you need a little extra exfoliation, move up to a coarser grain but it’s better to try it out first.
Once you’ve decided on an exfoliant, choose an oil. This is another area you might want to experiment with a bit. Baby oil or cooking oils like coconut, olive, vegetable, or almond oil are great as well. See what you have on hand and do some experimenting. Regardless of the oil or whether you choose salt or sugar, use 1 part oil and 2 parts sugar/ salt. Simply stir it with a spoon then you are ready to go. The oil is likely to settle into the bottom but don’t worry. Just make sure you the salt/ sugar that you pull out if well coated. The mixture will be a bit too rough for the skin on your hands so use a shower mit or a loofah.
Practical Tip: Oil will cause a build-up in your shower or bathtub after a while. Use a shower spray so that you don’t get a gunky buldup.
Easiest, Cheapest Body Scrub Ever
If you want something even simpler, just grab a jar and fill it up with baking soda. Stick the jar in the shower and you’ve got a scrub ready to go. Simply add a heaping tablespoon or so to a loofah or shower glove and you’ll have glowing skin in no time. As a bonus, a sprinkle of baking soda on your toothbrush once a week will give you sparkling pearly whites!
The only advantage that you gain by adding oil to your scrub is that it hydrates your skin. After scrubbing down with just baking soda, you may find that you still need to moisturize after your showers. If you already have a moisturer that you like or if you simply don’t like the feel of oil on your skin, this is still a great solution.

Dry Shampoo Alternatives
Dry shampoo is fantastic for stretching out the time between washings. Whether you are trying to go no-poo or you just need something to perk up your style on days you sleep in, dry shampoo is a godsend! Not only does it whisk away oily roots, it’s also great for creating textures when you’re hair is freshly washed.

If you love dry shampoo but want to get away from the chemicals and save a bit of cash while you are doing it, try making your own dry shampoo at home. It is easy and just requires a few easy-to-find ingredients.

Easy Blonde Dust-On Formula
All you really need for a good dry shampoo for blondes is cornstarch. It will absorb the oil at your roots and leave your hair smelling fresh. You can add a few drops of essential oil if you want to perk up the smell but it’s not necessary. The easy thing to do is just keep a small jar of it on hand and set aside a special makeup brush for it. Simply apply it with the brush then use your hair brush to comb it through from root to tip.

This formula is great for covering up roots too! If you are overdue for a touchup, leave a little extra up on top of your roots to lighten your natural shade a bit.

There are tons of alternatives out there for cornstarch as well. If you run out of it or simply aren’t in love with the consistency and smell, try something new! Baking soda and baby powder are common substitutes and work just as well. You can use baking powder in a pinch as well but expect it to dry out your hair a little more than the other options.

Easy Burnette Dust-On Formula
You can use cornstarch on dark hair as well but it can look too obvious if you don’t comb it out perfectly. For an easier to apply blend, go for a 50-50 mix of cocoa powder and cornstarch. Again, you can add a few drops of essential oil but it’s not really necessary. Just blend the mix, apply it with a blush brush and comb it through.

If you are having trouble getting an even application with a makeup brush, move your dry shampoo into a parmesan cheese shaker. This will give you nearly the exact same application as you get with a store-bought dry shampoo powder.

Spray-On Formula
The powder formula is easy to make but if you apply it in a rush in the morning, you can wind up with obvious powder marks. If you prefer a spray-on formula, just track down a spray bottle and mix your own!

Bonus Tip: If you know that you won’t have time to wash your hair in the morning and it is already starting to look a bit oily, add the dry shampoo the night before. It’ll absorb oil while you sleep and prevent your hair from getting too weighed down. Not only will this simply your morning routine but it’s also great for your skin! Sleeping with oily hair will make your pillowcase dirty and can lead to breakouts.

Shower Yourself Beautiful: How to Use Your Shower
Think you know how to shower? Think again! Well, maybe you do know how to get yourself clean but you might not be getting the most out of your showers. It’s easy to get into bad habits that can leave your skin and hair looking dull. The shower and all the steam that it creates is like a mini spa so use it to its fullest.

Step One: Turn On the Shower

Hot water can dry out your skin and strip it of essential oil. Stick with lukewarm water and don’t take long showers. If you want to soak in the steam, just linger in the bathroom after your shower. This will give you the same benefits but minimize your time directly underneath the water.

Step Two: Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, placement is important. Unless you have a lot of product in your hair, you don’t need to shampoo beyond the roots. Put a quarter size amount of shampoo into your hand and then massage it into your roots. Focus on your entire scalp and keep massaging for about 30 seconds. This will maximize the effect of your shampoo and help remove build-up. Use just the pads of your fingers and don’t scrub too hard. It should be relaxing, not jarring.

If you tend to have oily hair, keep your conditioner just at the ends of your hair. Leave it on for a few minutes while you wash your body.

Once a week, use a clarifying shampoo and a deep conditioner. The clarifying shampoo will help remove any product buildup and maximize the effect of the deep conditioner.

Step Three: Wash Your Body

Loofahs are great for creating a nice sudsy lather but they can be dangerous! The shower is an ideal place for bacterial growth so keep your loofah clean. Stick it in the washing machine or dishwasher once a week and never share. Be sure to also replace it regularly.

The shower is a great place to wash your face. Most people rinse off their facial cleanser far too soon and don’t get the maximum benefits from it. It is particularly important to give your skin a minute to soak in the ingredients if you use an anti-acne wash so apply it a little before you rinse out your conditioner.

Step Four: Dry Off

Right after you shower is the best time to apply lotion. Just dab the excess water off your skin then apply a moisturizer. If you have particularly dry skin, this is a great time to use a heavy moisturizer or oil. A lot of women swear by a post-shower rubdown with baby oil and this can be great for sensitive, dry skin. If you don’t like the feel or smell of oil, use a thick cream.

Don’t brush your hair right after the shower. If your hair tends to be snarly, brush it right before you get into the shower. Wet hair is very delicate and you can create serious damage by brush it while it’s damp.

How to Grow Long and Healthy Hair
It’s easy to grow your hair long but getting lush, flowing locks can be a real challenge. By the time your hair reaches shoulder length, you are carrying around more than a year’s worth of damage. So, that’s every dye job, blowout, and flat ironing and all the damage that they have caused on display.
The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure couldn’t be more true in this case. If you want long hair, you need to take care of your hair every day. The only thing that is going to mend split end is cutting them off so rely on preventing them rather than searching for a way to fix them.
Find the Right Tools
The best thing that you can do is not heat style your hair. Experiment with updos and ways of adding body or curl without heat. If you do love styling your hair with tools, take a few precautions. The most important thing is to use an appropriate heat setting. Different hair requires a different level of heat so those heating tools that only have one setting are not what you’re looking for. Check the actual temperature on each tool and ensure that it works for your hair. You don’t need to buy the priciest version but the cheapest ones tend to take longer and cause more damage. Go for something that allows you to choose your temp.
Use Protection Every Time
Heat styling protections aren’t just a gimmick. They are important and can make a big difference in the amount of damaged caused by heat styling. Invest in a good protection spray and use it every time.
Protecting your hair isn’t just limited to keep it away from heat. There are many other culprits of hair damage. If you spend a lot of time in sun, a good SPF. Look into conditioners or sprays that will protect your hair. Not only will it prevent damage but it will make your color last much longer.
Hair ties can also cause serious damage. Never, ever have metal pieces of hair accessories touching your hair. Bobby pins are fine if they are well coated but hair ties should be cloth-only.
Work From the Inside Out
To get good hair, you need to have good nutrition. You probably already know how important a healthy diet and it may be the key to your hair woes if nothing else seems to be helping. Protein and iron are especially important to hair growth. Pay attention to how much of both that you are getting and consider a supplement if you are having a hard time filling your daily quota.
Stop Avoiding the Stylist
It is important to still get your hair cut from time to time while you are growing it out. You don’t need to cut it just for the sake of cutting it but you should get split ends trimmed off. Be clear with your stylist and make a plan. Your stylists can be invaluable in giving recommendations about special conditioning or protein treatments that can make a major difference in your hair.
Your Biggest Sunscreen Blunders
Sunscreen Blunder: Using the same bottle year after year
Sunscreen really does expire so pay attention to the expiration date. If your bottle of sunscreen expired last year, it probably isn’t doing you as much good anymore. Also, pay attention to how you store it. Keep it out of humid bathrooms or steamy trunks to make sure that it’s lasting as long as possible.

Sunscreen Blunder: Replying on your makeup
Foundation or tinted moisturizer with SPF is great if you are getting minimal sun exposure. While a formula with SPF 15 sounds fine in theory it generally doesn’t do much in practice. Not only would you need very full coverage for that to work but you’d also need to reapply it regularly. If you don’t spend much time in the sun, a tinted moisturizer could be a realistic option but you would need to remember to apply it more than once per day.
Sunscreen Blunder: Being stingy with the lotion
The general rule of thumb is that you should apply about a shot glass worth of sunscreen all over your body. Obviously this isn’t one-size-fits-all though. It should be about one ounce for a 150 pound person. Adjust to suit your body. You’re far better off with too much than too little though of course.
Sunscreen Blunder: Not applying it throughout the day
Sunscreen will typically stay on your skin for about two hours. If you are especially sweaty or spending time in the water, you can cut that time in half.
Be wary of any sunscreen that is labeled “waterproof”. It may last in the water but not for much more than an hour so you still need to stick with the basic guideline of reapplying every one to two hours.
Sunscreen Blunder: Saving it for a sunny day
UV rays do not actually feel like heat. You can be outside in the cold on a cloudy day and still get UV rays. To be on the safe side, just plan for sunscreen anytime that the sun is out. Of course, if it is chilly outside, you are likely to have your skin covered up so you don’t need to get too crazy with it. Do be sure to apply SPF to your lips, hands, neck, and face. This isn’t just about preventing a sunburn either. These areas of your skin are the most susceptible to premature aging and SPF can go a long way in preventing that.
Sunscreen Blunder: You overdo it
You generally just need an SPF of 30. An SPF 60 is not twice as effective nor will it last as long. You will find a minor difference between 30 and 60 but it’s hardly going to make a big difference. It is far more important to apply the proper amount and do it regularly.
Do keep in mind that there is no type of sunscreen that is 100%. If you are going to be out in the sun for a long time, take a few extra measures. Sit under an umbrella at the beach or wear a thin layer of breathable material to keep your skin comfortable.

Easy Summer Makeup
When the weather heats up, it is time to lighten up your style from head to toe! Full coverage makeup is a waste of time and energy when the temperature starts to rise. Not only are you likely to sweat your makeup off by the middle of the day, it is also just plain uncomfortable to have a ton of makeup on when the weather is sweltering. If you aren’t quite ready to go bare faced all day, try a more summer-friendly approach to style.

Prep Your Face

After you wash your face in the morning, go straight for a primer. Many women underestimate how much of a difference wearing a primer makes. It will make your foundation, concealer, powder, and whatever else you put on your skin last so much longer. You might not be able to see the difference when you first put it on but you will most definitely notice by the middle of the day.

Primers can be pricey but don’t worry- a little bit goes a long way! On top of that, they will actually save you money in other products in the long run by decreasing the amount of touch ups you’ll need.

Primer can do far more than just make your cosmetics last a bit longer. There are primers out there for every type of skin so spend some time shopping around. Whether you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin or are prone to redness, there is something out there for you.

Ditch the Foundation

Foundation just isn’t the best option for summer wear. You are far better off to go for a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer. They may not provide the same coverage but they will even out your skin tone. If you feel too bare with just a tinted moisturizer, add coverup where you need it. Go for an under eye cream or blemish concealer on any areas that need a little bit more coverage. Add on a light dusting of translucent powder to set your makeup in place and create a flawless finish.

Get a Safe AND Realistic Looking Tan

When applied properly, bronzer can make your skin look amazing. A bit of warmth can transform your look and make you look better rested and fresher. When it comes to your body, a gradual bronzer is by far and away the best option. Creating an instant tan is just a recipe for disaster. While it is possible to create a natural looking, streak-free faux tan, it’s just not worth the effort. If you prefer a more tanned looked, just start using a gradual tanning cream on a regular basis. It will build up and look incredibly natural.

While they should be avoided on most of your body, bronzers can be great for your face and neck. Placement of the bronzer is really key here! To achieve a natural look, focus on trying to dust on a bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your skin. Brush some powdered bronzer over your nose, chin, cheekbones and forehead for a natural glow.

How to Travel in Style
If you want to arrive looking gorgeous while keeping your luggage at a minimum, pack wisely! Follow a few simple tips to stay looking fresh on an afternoon drive or a trip around the world.

Must-Have: Moisturizer
This is especially important if you are going to fly. If you are planning to be on a plane for any amount of time, use a good moisturizer the night before. Stash one in your purse at all times. It’s handy for cold weather and keeping your skin comfortable on top of taming fly-away hair while you are on the go.

If you’re travelling in warm weather, consider leaving your foundation at home. It can be messy and just plain uncomfortable in the heat. To even out your skin tone go for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Be sure to look for ones with added SPF!

Must-Have: Refreshing Mist
Pack a mineral water or vitamin mist. Not only does it help set you makeup and make it last for hours in the heat, it will also give you a pick-me-up anytime you need. It’s perfect for long days out walking or overnight flights.

Must-Have: Blotting Paper
If your skin is feeling oily, pull out some blotting paper. It will whisk away excess oil and keep your skin looking great. Again, this is ideal for warm weather or anytime you know that you’ll be getting a bit sweaty.

Must-Have: Highlighter
A brush-on highlighter or shimmer cream will make your skin look dewy and draw attention away from any imperfections. If you want a simple routine while you’re traveling, focus on just making your skin look great. It’s much faster than doing eye makeup or dealing with regular lipstick touch ups.

Must-Have: Tinted Lip Balms
Look for something colored with a moisturizer and SPF. It’s a great way to freshen up your look quickly while keeping you protected from the sun. If you want something for a night out, go for lip stain. It’s easy, lasts for hours, and doesn’t dry out your lips like long-lasting lipsticks do.

Must-Have: Eye Drops
Whether you are at a sandy beach, a polluted city, or a just having a lot of late nights, stock up on eye drops! They can be pricey at the airport or other tourist areas so just stash some in your bag. If you’ll be on a long flight, wrap up some ice in a washcloth when you arrive. It’ll reduce your under eye puffiness while making your instantly feel alive again.

Must-Have: Neutral Nail Polish
It can just be easier to skip the nail polish altogether but if you prefer a polished look, keep it neutral. Chips on bright polish are far more noticeable and carrying around polish can just be a hassle.

Must-Have: Dry Shampoo
A lot of hotels don’t supply conditioner and carrying your own can be a hassle. Let your hair’s natural oils go to work by washing a bit less frequently. Bring along some dry shampoo so that you can keep greasy roots away.

Sorting Beauty Myths from Facts
It’s time to freshen up your beauty knowledge! Separate fact from fiction to maximize your products and simplify your beauty routine.

Rumor: Don’t Wax During Your Period
Reality: It’s true!
You are more sensitive right before and during your period. While there is no real harm in getting a wax during this time, you can save yourself a little bit of pain by planning your waxing schedule around a different time of month.

Rumor: Shaving Your Hair Makes It Grow Fast
Reality: False!
What you do to the ends of your hair will only affect the ends of your hair. Because you are cutting the hair at its widest point (the base) it may feel thicker when it grows back but it’s still the same hair.

Rumor: Plucking Hairs Can Stop Them From Growing Back
Reality: It’s true- sorta.
You can’t expect to plunk a hair and have it gone for good. However, if you do repeated pluck the same hair over and over, you can damage the cuticle. This can be an issue with your eyebrows for better or worse. If you overpluck for many years, you may find that the hair doesn’t grow back.

Rumor: You Shouldn’t Rub Your Wrist Together AFter Applying Perfume
Reality: It’s true!
You can actually alter the scent by doing it this way so just leave it to air dry.

Rumor: There’s No Wrong Way to File Your Nails
Reality: False!
Only file your nails in one direction. Making a back-and-forth motion can damage your nails and make them more prone to breakage.

Rumor: Antiperspirants Cause Cancer
Reality: False!
There is no proven evidence that antiperspirants are bad for your health. If you like natural deodorants, stick with them but don’t be afraid of using antiperspirants if you need them.

Rumor: The Average Woman Eats a Pound of Lipstick Per Year
Reality: Nope!
Even if you wear lipstick every day, it would take more than a lifetime to eat a pound. Do you ever buy a pound of lipstick every year? Probably not.

Rumor: Toothpaste Is A Great Acne Treatment
Reality: Don’t bother!
While it’s true that some toothpastes contain benzoyl peroxide, not all of them do. Skip the middle man and just pick up some benzoyl peroxide. It’s more effective and worth having on hand anyway.

Rumor: Perfume Will Last Longer In the Fridge
Reality: Keep It Out of There!
Storing perfume in the fridge isn’t good for your fragrance or the food in your fridge. It won’t last any longer in there and it can actually affect other foods like milk or butter.

Rumor: Trimming Cuticles Cause Them to Grow Thicker
Reality: It’s true!
Stick with simply pushing back your cuticles. Cutting them makes them prone to infection and often cause them to swell with irritation.

Rumor: You Can Make Up for Lost Sleep On Weekends
Reality: Nope!
You really do need to get enough sleep every single night. You can’t catch up on weekends so focus on getting as much sleep as you ca during the week.

Foolproof Path to Perfect Nails
Keep Your Hands Clean

If you tend to get nail polish on our fingers and cuticles, plan ahead! Rather than trying to carefully apply polish, just add some white glue or petroleum jelly along your nails so that the polish doesn’t stick to your skin. This is particularly useful if you’re trying to do nail art that involves sponging or dipping your nails. With the petroleum jelly, all you need to do it wipe it off when you’re done. As a bonus, it will help hydrate your nails. If you’d prefer glue, glue dab some along your nails and peel it off when you’re done.

Enhance Your Colors

If you are going for a bold nail polish shade, add a white base coat. Typically bright colors require multiple coats but adding a coat of white underneath will speed up the process and brighten the color.

Make Your Polish Last

You can maximize your manicure by applying two layers of base coat before you polish your nails. Add on coat to the top half of your nails then let it dry. Add a second coat to create an even base. Nail polish tends to chip at the very top so this will provide extra protection.

Create Easy Nail Art

Most of us are terrible at painting with our non-dominant hands so avoid the mess! If you want to create a design, simply do it on a plastic freezer bag. Add a thick layer of polish with whatever design you want on it. It will peel off and work just like store-bought nail stickers. After you paint it on, just leave it to dry overnight and it’ll peel right off of the bag and stick onto your nail.

Make Your Own Stencils

If you are looking to do more than one shade of polish, don’t waste time trying to create perfect lines by hand. There are lots of great tricks out there for easy shapes. If you want to do a French manicure or half-moon styles, use paper hole reinforcement stickers. The sort that you use for three-ring binders are perfect and they are much cheaper than the stencils made your nails.

If you don’t have any stickers on hand, rubber hands work just as well. Just pull a rubber band around the tip of your tip of your nail then loop it around your thumb to create tension.

If you are looking to create straight lines, just add some tape! Make sure that you apply it over already dry polish then remove it right after you add a coat.

Make Your Own Shades

One of the easiest ways to make your own nail polish to add eyeshadow to clear polish. Simply add a bit of clear nail polish into a spoon then add some eyeshadow and you have a custom shade! Be careful not to pour too much because it’ll dry quickly.

Dry Your Nail In an Instant

It’s frustrating to spend all that time creating a great manicure then messing it up before it’s dry. To speed up the process, soak your fingertips in a bowl of ice water for a few minutes. If you can’t deal with the cold, spray a thin coat of cooking spray over your nail to try them in an instant. Let it soak in a few minutes then wash your hands.

The Easiest Makeup Tricks You Aren’t Using
Maximize Your Colors

Whether you are dealing with nail polish, eyeshadow, or lipstick, you will find that bold shades look best with a white base underneath. If you really ready for a dramatic look, add white nail polish to your nails or white shadow to your lids before applying your color. You can also do the same on your lips by going over them with a light shade of lipstick first or just adding some concealer.

Make Your Liner Multi-Task

You can easily turn your pencil eyeliner into a lush gel simply by heating it up. Hold the tip over a candle or a lighter then watch it transform! It just takes a few seconds and you’ll immediately see the difference when you apply it. Just let it cool for ten seconds after you heat it up and you’re ready to go. It’s great for times when you want a thicker line or use it every day if you have trouble creating a straight line with pencils.

Get the Spoon Out of the Kitchen

Spoons are great for more than just soup! If you have a shaky hand, use a spoon to get the perfect cat eye look. Simply hold the stem of the spoon up to the corner of your eye and trace along the top of it. It will work as a sturdy and easy to use stencil.
Spoons are also great for preventing mascara messes. If you have a tendency to get mascara spots above your eye, try holding a spoon over your lid as you apply it. Simply cup the spoon over your eye and apply mascara as usual. Basically you’ll be creating a barrier so that mascara is hitting the spoon and not your skin. Be sure that the edge of the spoon are facing against your skin so easy application.
Maximize Your Lash
Lash plumping mascara can be pricey and some of them have potential side effects that are just plain scary. For an easy and instant lash plumper, just grab some translucent powder! All you need to do is apply a single coat of mascara then dust on some translucent powder. This will lighten your lashes and that’s fine. Just add another layer of mascara. It will create nearly the same results that you’d see with lash maximizing potion!
If your lashes tend to fall flat but you’re craving a wide-eyed look, heat up your eyelash curler. Just a few seconds with a blow dryer can maximize your results and get long-last curls. Be careful with this method though until you get the timing down right. You want the curler to be warm but not so hot that it could burn your eyelids.
Lush Lips the Painless Way

The same translucent powder trick that you can use for your lashes also works for your lips. Simply apply lipstick as your normally would then hold a tissue over your lips. Apply translucent powder over the tissue. This will leave a light coating of powder over your lips. Reapply lipstick and you’re set! This layered technique will create the illusion of added fullness while also creating a long-lasting color.