Beauty Time Savers before Class

Christine Melgarejo is a professional social media manager and copywriter and runs a fashion and beauty blog part time. She graduated from CUNY Hunter College in New York City in 2009, with a B.A. in Media & Communication Studies. She currently lives and works in New York City and spends her time writing and traveling.


Sometimes, we don’t have enough time before class to really go through our morning routine. You might have woken up late and are on the run, or maybe you just want to save some time on your beauty regimen so you have more time to relax and enjoy breakfast before your next exam.  There are ways to shorten your beauty routine and still look great.

When you are in a serious rush to grab your books and go, think of the of Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Eyelashes. If you focus on just these three, they will help you to look alert and ready for the day. Brush and fill in your eyebrows, add liner just on the top eyelid to open up your eyes more, and add a quick layer or two of mascara. Bring along a glossy lip balm you can apply as you walk across campus. This will give you a basic and complete look.

Brushing your hair out when getting ready can slow you down, especially if you have longer locks that find themselves easily tangled. Save the time by brushing out tangles in the shower. It is much easier to do with damp, wet hair that’s already being weighted down. A fine toothed comb is a great choice and you can leave it in the shower to remind yourself to do it. By the time you’re out and ready to get dressed, it is one less thing to worry about.

Primer can be a great tool for when you know you’ll be out and about all day and are worried that your makeup is going to wear off if you apply it in a rush. There are primers for everything; concealer, eye shadow, lipstick, even mascara. It takes a couple of seconds to apply before applying makeup and it will make your look last for hours, in case you have back to back classes or an evening study date.

All-in-one makeup products are your friend. Instead of applying foundation, moisturizer and SPF in 3 different steps, find a foundation that incorporates all three, so you only have to worry about a single application but are still getting all the benefits of 3 different products. They also save you money instead of buying multiple, expensive products!

If you are waiting for a certain layer of makeup to dry and set, use a blow dryer. Set it on cool and the lowest setting and give your face a quick blast or two. Sounds strange, but really speeds up the process so you can get on with the rest of your makeup routine.

Looking beyond just applying your makeup and products, clear the clutter on your desk or wherever you keep your beauty supplies. Searching for the right mascara or the lipstick you really want to wear can waste precious time. Make sure you clean out old makeup that you don’t use anymore and organize your makeup in drawers or displayed on a surface. Keep everything together by part of the face; lips, eyes, cheeks, and concealer and foundation. It will be much easier to pick out what you want once you have a designated place for everything!

Do what you can the night before. If that means a deep cleanse so that you don’t have to do a full clean the next morning, or laying out your make up ahead of time, find ways to get a head start before you go to bed. That way you can wake up and be ready to take on the day, feeling confident and not missing class!


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