Beauty tips for Dating

Hi, my name is Deborah Bullock, but you can call me Debbie. I am a graduate student from Winston Salem State University. I am currently a flight attendant
People seem to think that because of my current career choice that I am fearless. However contrary to beliefs there are things that scare me to. One of them being the infamous first date! Trust me ladies I get it, If your anything like me your are now in full panic mode. What am I going to wear? What should I do with my hair? Is this skirt to short? You have tried on what seems like 50 million outfits and now your bed looks like a tornado has hit it! “Ok ok, take a deep breathe and RELAX! I’d like to help if I can; here are some tips to pull a look together that will have you feeling on top of the world.

Hair: What hairstyles are best suited for a date?
• Messy buns
• Sleek buns
• Bone straight hair
• Curls
• Waves
• French braids
• Fish tail braids
Wear your hair in whatever way you like the best, when your hair looks good you feel invincible!
Make Up: A couple of makeup tips sure to wake up your face.
• Eyes: Wear eyeliner around the rim of your eyes, this will open your eyes and make them pop. For a look that is more dramatic use black eyeliner, if you’re looking for something more subtle go for a dark brown liner. Also put on a coat of mascara you want those eye lashes to flutter ;)
I mean after all the eyes are the focal point of your face. You definitely want those batting Betty’s to leave an impression on him.

• Face: For starters put on one coat of your favorite foundation, whether it is powder, liquid, or even mineral. If you don’t really want a heavy look go for a cc cream or a bb cream. Put bronzer on your T-Zone and above your cheek bones. This is where the natural light hits and it will give you a glow. Remember ladies make up is suppose to enhance your natural beauty. Less is more. You want him to see you!
• Lips: you definitely want kissable lips! If you are going for a subtle look go for a nude lip or a light colored gloss. If you’re going for daring try a bold red. There is a red for every girl’s complexion and skin tone. If you want a nice look for your lips but don’t like the idea of committing to a lip gloss or a lipstick, line your lips with a lip liner and fill in the center with a gloss. Make sure to blend (press your lips together a couple times, don’t rub) you want to give the ombre effect.
Ex: I like to use a plum or purple and fill in the center with a pale pink. Try different colors you’d be surprised what shades complement each other the most.

What to Wear: Your hair and face are done, now for clothes! After all we can’t go naked.
Day date: you want to be casual but sexy. Don’t go to sporty.
EX: Try a crop top with a long or mid length skirt. If you’re not into skirts an alternative is a great pair of jeans with a flowy top.
For a night out: A little black will always do! Keep it simple, dress it up with accessories. If you need to dress it down throw on a jean jacket. An alternative to a dress is an all in one black jumpsuit, something flowly or fitted (they are super in right now). The same rules apply as the black dress! Now of course if you don’t like black feel free to play with color. These are just a couple of tips, I just happen to think that black is classic.
For a night in: Try a pair of boyfriend jeans with a nice top. Pair it with a nice pair of flats. No sweats. You want to at least give the impression that you tried to impress!

Well ladies those are some of my ideas on what to wear on a date. I hope that this helps and please feel free to share your experience and comments below.

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