Becoming a paralegal


If you are considering taking the leap into paralegal studies, it is likely you desire the satisfaction that can only come out of having a career rather than merely a job.  The difference between the two, a job and a career, can mean many things, but to those pursuing higher education it makes job satisfaction, being challenged daily, and truly enjoying what you do.

One is not necessarily better than the other, but a career often does take more training and education.  For example, to begin a career in legal services, it takes a passion to help others but also knowledge of the law and court system.  It is not something that someone becomes overnight.  It takes a great deal of hard work, determination, and a willingness to learn.

Responsibility makes a career, and a paralegal is given a large amount of responsibility.  Legal matters involve people’s lives, and when working with an attorney and their staff, these clients are putting their lives in your hands.  You will need to complete tasks with great professionalism and due diligence and not taking tasks assigned to you seriously will show in the final work product.

Careers are not always 9 to 5 while jobs normally involve set hours and very little to no take home work tasks.  Paralegals are expected to work not only the normal eight hour business day but to see a task through to the end.  If an attorney has a case the next day and needs assistance preparing evidence, it is expected that his paralegal will stay until the task is complete.

A career takes hard work and dedication, but the fulfillment one receives from a career is well worth the work.  However, making that decision is the first step and is not for just anyone.

Center for Advanced Legal Studies:

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