Becoming a Software Engineer


Time magazine still names software engineering as the #1 career when you consider pay and stress level.  This is still amazing considering that many of these jobs are being shipped off-shore.  If you wonder if this is the path for you, here are a few items to consider before you make that initial leap.

Do you have an interest in math and science?  If this doesn’t define you then you should probably put your focus elsewhere. Have you taken any programming courses yet?  If not high school is a good time and space to explore a programming class or two.  This should reveal what you will be experiencing and expected to do.

Prepare yourself for college work by taking all the math classes you can while in high school.  The basics should include geometry, calculus and algebra.  If you can get into some graphing and trigonometry classes go for it.  Does your school offer some college level math classes?  By all means enroll in them if they do.

You should plan on going all four years of college to get your degree.  It is uncommon to get hired in an entry level position with a degree.  You may be lured by some of the whiz kids who became millionaires early on in the ‘90’s but it takes more than thinking outside the box.

You can think ahead about what you want industry you want to work in to find a specialization while you are in school.  If you are into business applications and no so much the technical aspects then a degree in Management Information Systems may be more appropriate.  There are a few other business technical degrees to look into too.

Gaming design is of interest to many students but you need to love more than just playing them. A computer science degree is needed here.  The computer science route is the way to go if you are looking at working at any of the big computer software companies.

Making choices early helps, so that you don’t waste focus on technology that is not likely to be used.

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