Being a Virgin in college

If you’re a girl in college, and a virgin, you may feel a lot of pressure from your classmates and from guys about not being a virgin anymore. Some may tell you that it’s time to give it up because you are in college and old enough. Others may tell you that you’re the only virgin left on campus and you better catch up with your peers.
Whatever people say, or whatever you feel, you don’t have to listen to them.
If you want to lose your virginity in college, then that’s your choice.
You can wait for a meaningful relationship; or you can hook up with someone that you just met because you think it’s time.
No matter what you do, just realize that it has nothing to do with whatever anyone tells you, it’s your call when, where, how and why.
That being said, if you do decide to lose your virginity in college, be safe. There are local health clinics on most college campuses that can give you information regarding safe sex, and may possibly be able to provide you with condoms.
Some may suggest that you wait until you fall in love before having sex. I agree. You can feel good that you chose someone meaningful, that you care about, that cares about you too.
Others may suggest you don’t hold off until you meet someone, especially if you’re having a hard time clicking with someone. They might suggest that you find someone you at least feel some sort of connection with, even if it’s not love, but someone you respect, that respects you, and go for it. I agree with that too.
If you’re a guy in college and plan on losing your virginity, you should definitely use protection. The last thing you want in college is to have to figure out what to do if your girlfriend or even a random hook up becomes pregnant. You also don’t want to start off your sex life with an STD, so do what you can to be safe.
Lastly, remember, it’s your body and you have the right to say when and where you lose the V.

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