Multitasking while studying

Hello Everyone. My name is Geeta and I am a new graduate of Master of Engineering (Mechanical) from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. I would like to start my career in Aerospace industry as a mechanical design engineer.
I would like to share my academic experiences with you today and I hope you find them useful and practical at the end.
The first semester I was simply a student. There were three places you could always find me: Class, library and home. I was bored and there was no passion to study. But I could hear an inner voice said it does not work like this. So I decided to become better. I started to change my university life style from the second semester. I needed to improve the quality of my life as a student. All I try to say is that you must find your motivations to maximize your interest for study. If you are a social person try to keep yourself involve with the social activities in academic environment. Volunteering is one of the best ways. I was working in Engineering and Computer Science Graduate Association (ECSGA) in Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. My position was Vice-President Finance. I was responsible for the administration of funds accruing to the association. It puts my passion to action and gives me the chance to make the balance between my role as a student and as a social activist.
Third semester was the best time for me to take on a challenge for Teaching. I started as a teaching assistant and spend my time for three semesters with more than one hundred and fifty students in bachelor of engineering (Mechanical) program. I was tutor and marker and I was working with one of the full-time professors as my supervisor who was fifty two years old. Communicating with two different generations simultaneously and being teacher and student at the same time prepared me to set my mind in a way that I always ready for knowledge transferring. Then I learnt how to explain and solve the problems for my classmates. You should always remember when you explain some conceptual or mathematical problems you would understand or memorize 95% of whatever you described for your friend or classmate and he/she would learn %5 of a whole concept that he/she received from you.
By the end of the last semester I experienced how to being involve with the heart of academic environment. I created a big colorful circle of people around me, a lot of friends, colleagues, classmates, students, even university team stuff. I started my student life as an international student, miles away from hometown but at the end of the day I made this place my new home.
Never forget that the main purpose of higher education is learning how to manage your life to be more productive with new horizons and vision and attain the maximum fulfillment. I hope you find the above lines motivating. And the last but not least…Don’t forget to enjoy each and every moment of your academic life.
Best of Luck

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