Being Open Minded in College

My name is Cherish Marie Brooks. I am 27 years old. I attended University of Texas at San Antonio and received my bachelors in psychology. I am now attending Texas Southern University to receive my Master’s in psychology as well. I will be graduating in May 2015 and receiving my Licensed Professional Counselor certificate. I want to continue my education in neuropsychology. I am in pursuit of applying to a doctorate program in order to continue this path. Majority of my occupational titles have been revolved around working with individuals of special needs. My biggest passion in life is working with individual who have Autism. I would be honored to continue working in an area revolved around improving Autism. That is why I chose the path of neuropsychology. I also enjoy all different types of art. I began my business Live Art Out-loud last year. It is an art company dedicated to promoting all various types of arts. One day I have hopes of combining both of my passions and creating an Art Institute for those with Autism.

I began my freshman year as many individuals do. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be, how I was going to do it, and the exact date a goal would be reached. Little did I know that every year I would change my mind about EVERYTHING, all the time. I became frustrated in the beginning of my inconsistencies, but eventually the hardship of confusion brought vindication to understanding. What I had to learn is that college is a unique atmosphere that allows you to test all skills needed in the professional field. Repetition and core classes that seemed irrelevant bored me. However, every year became easier due to attending classed that had the similar fundamentals. I remember taking an Anthropology class as a freshman and believing it would not do anything for me in the future of my psychological career. Yet, it did aide me in understanding some scholastically reviews I had to perform in my Stereotype and Prejudice class my sophomore year. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my Stereotype and Prejudice class I still could not understand its importance in my future. It was not until a class that I was taking in graduate school, that I was able to incorporate all of what I learned from those previous classes when doing a research paper over The Importance of Understanding all Cultures in Group Counseling.
I like to believe that many individuals are as I was, whenever they embark on their journey through college. For the most part, we all are seeking education in area that we feel passionate about. Some may want to have a comfortable career, all the while loving every counterpart to our job. Some people may go to college with the intentions to build a sound foundation for job security. Whatever the reason is, it is imperative to know that you initial goal in college might not be the same goal at graduation. Individuals may enter college with sole intention of being a nurse, but later on become motivated to be a doctor. I advise all students to take advantage of the activities that take place on campus and in classroom and allow them to broaden your horizon to new comprehension to new concepts. Required classes may seem mundane and irrelevant but it is amazing how many of those classes become useful later in life. Every situation in college is a new opportunity to the future; don’t take it for granted.
I began college wanting to be a child psychologist. Throughout the years my passion expanded into special needs and the physiology, biology, and creative arts of psychology. Every year I found out something specific I wanted to integrate into my future. During these years I began my own art company ( I am currently in pursuit of becoming a neuropsychologist. My new ending goal for my future is to begin an art institute for those with Autism. This is an area I wouldn’t have comprehended my passion for as a freshman. However, eventually I took every opportunity to explore my education while attending school. I knew once the semesters were done, my career begins, and I want to be 100% for my future. We can all make our dreams our realty, through exploring ones own intellect.

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