Being Safe at a College Party

The culture at colleges in most places includes a party scene. You study hard and play hard, and it is natural to want to release some tension. It’s been going on for ages, college students for decades have released the stress of college life by kicking back with a few brews. Some choose to partake, some do not.
How you chose to spend your time outside of class is up to you and if partying it up is your choice, it is important to be safe at all times.
The Buddy System
This is a trick they taught you in kindergarten that you should definitely abide to in college. Walk with someone you trust, a roommate or someone else that is going and leaving at the same time that you are from whatever party you go to.
Keep Watch
Never ever, ever leave your drink unsupervised. Don’t put it down or trust someone else that you don’t know to watch it for you. You never know what you could slip in it when you are not looking that leads to extremely unwanted situations. Also, do not let someone that you don’t know make your drink for you. You never know what they could put in it or how strong they make it.
Know Your Limits
There is zero fun in being “that girl” or “that guy” at a party. The one who people tell stories about. “Did you see how drunk they were?” “Wow, they got sick everywhere.” and more are just some of the things that you can expect to hear if you are the one that is having just a bit too much fun. Know your limits to when there is a difference between a good buzz and waking up not remembering what you did the night before. Also, no one likes spending the night with their head in the toilet.

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