Being True to Yourself

Katie Coyle is a sophomore at Hofstra University majoring in Video/television with a concentration in television writing/producing. She is an active member of Hofstra’s Women’s Rugby team and a volunteer “Pride Guide.” She has interned at Fast Company and Inc. magazine, and she honestly is just taking college one day at a time.

Deciding to go to a university where I knew no one was the best thing that I had ever decided to do. I was ecstatic and eager to start while simultaneously crippled by severe anxiety, leaving my friends, family, and everything I knew behind. Going to a university 20 minutes away from the capital of the world, Manhattan made my hometown I grew up in feel Smaller than the point of a fine needle, but I digress. One piece of advice I do have when going to a school in a completely different environment from home would be to not try to be someone you’re not. Finding your friends isn’t as hard as you think it is, so just be yourself! My first semester my freshman year of college I was in a suite-style with 3 other girls I had never met prior to our freshman orientation. After meeting them in person, I was very skeptical about our completely different lifestyles. I implemented in my mind that if I didn’t have my roommates as friends, I was going to be alone. All three didn’t have jobs, they thought extracurricular activities were pointless, and loved the weekend. Although this is a lifestyle I never saw myself living, I decided that I was inevitably going to change in college anyway; this is what I was supposed to do. They were heavy on partying, and I was trailing behind them to every club and bar they attended, holding phones, wallets, and hair in the bathroom when we got back after a night they would all forget. This was every weekend for me; I don’t blame them for my terrible social life my first semester, I blame myself. To some people, this is what they do on a weekly basis, and they love it. But I wanted something more than just this. I didn’t fall in love with my school because of the partying; I lost hindsight of what I loved about Hofstra. Because of this, and many other disagreements I had with my roommates, I decided that it was time for me to move into a different room. The new building that I moved into was like a completely different world. The building was cleaner, the people were nicer, and they even helped me move into my new room. My new roommates were friendly and as excited as I was when I moved in. I knew as soon as soon as I moved in that I was going to be so much happier here. My new roommate Brittany and I became friends instantly. She was involved with the women’s Rugby team, an intramural sports team that recruited people with little to no experience! I always had an interest in rugby, but never had the opportunity to play growing up. Brittany introduced me to the team, and I immediately fell in love with not only the sport, but also my new team that has now become my family. As I was letting my true self shine through, I became more confident in talking to other people. I had found my group of people. It took me longer than I anticipated, but I had found them! I should have been true to myself the entire time, but now I know who I really am, and I wouldn’t have traded my experience for anything.

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