Belt It out Loud

Your belt can be just as important of an accessory as your jewelry. Selected thoughtfully, it can make quite the fashion statement. Contrary to popular belief, your belt does not have to match your shoes; it just has to complement your outfit. As such, don’t shy away from bold belts with loud prints or loud colors.

When you think of belts, you probably first think of the object that goes around your waist. That’s one of your options, but let’s start there. Although you can wear skinny belts around your waist, they have a way of creeping up to the very edge of your belt-loops and above your pants. Therefore, your thicker-to-average-width belts are your best bet. But if you go for a bold belt, be extra thoughtful with the jewelry you pair with it. You can still wear a statement piece of jewelry, but if both are too loud, your look will appear gaudy. If your belt has a print, go for a solid colored necklace or make your earrings your statement piece.

Don’t forget your option of wearing your belt on your natural waist, toward the end of your ribcage. A belt placed here has a naturally slimming effect, and either especially wide belts or very thin belts will do the trick. Keep your cardigan closed with a skinny belt by wearing a skinny belt with a button-up shirt. If you find a skinny belt with enough holes in just the right size, you can have the option of wearing it on your natural waist or through your belt-loops, so be sure to try out both options before purchasing one. Thicker belts especially look good with deep v-necks.

Finally, you have your hip-hugger belt options. These belts are not intended to go through your belt-loops, either they’re too wide, they have adornments making them too thick or they have dangling adornments that prevent them from going through your loops. These belts look best if they can comfortably be worn over your belt-loops, or better yet, worn with a skirt or pants without belt-loops. These come in a variety of options, from seashells to hanging fringe to double buckles. Just be sure that if your belt does have a lot of embellishments, you let it be the centerpiece and keep your jewelry simple.

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