Best Breaks from Studying

During a major exam week, whether midterms or finals, it is really necessary to your success to give yourself some mental breaks for an hour or so to recuperate. Giving your brain a break every once in awhile will give you major boosts of study power when things get tough. But what should you do for your study breaks?
Exercise is definitely a great go-to when you have been sitting around reading and studying for a long time. It gets your blood pumping and will better the functioning of your brain. Some people don’t like to exercise while they are in the midst of studying because they think that it makes them have less energy to study. But that is not the case. A light workout can get your energy levels going and prolong the ability you have to study. Run for about ten minutes and do some stretching before you hit the books again.
You could also consider doing the complete alternative to exercising which you be to veg out and catch up on your favorite television show series. Distracting your mind is great when you are stuck in a studying rut and not feeling the progress that you should. Engulf yourself in a show for an hour and let your brain think about something other than the material you are trying to learn over again. However, this takes seriously self-control. Don’t let yourself get caught watching episode after episode only find that you have wasted valuable hours. Set a timer and make sure you listen to it when it goes off.
Sometimes a good study break is just calling up a family member or friend and chatting for a little bit. This distracts your mind and it will feel great to hear the voice of someone you care about on the other end. If you’re lucky, they may even let you vent out your frustrations.

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