Best Places OFF Campus to Meet Your Next Relationship

Alexa Johnson

Sick of seeing the same people in class, in your dorm, at the dining halls or simply sitting on the Quad? Maybe you’re a senior and “too mature” for the whole campus scene, or you just moved off campus for the first time and looking to explore. Whatever the reason, getting off campus to meet new crushes is a fun and fantastic idea!

But where to look? If your school is located in a small city in the middle of nowhere, don’t fret! All that means is you’ll have to get more creative…

A great and obvious way to meet new love prospects: a party! Sure, you’ve been attending these forays for a few years if you’re now a big bad senior, but they never get old. If you’re sick of mingling with the same crowd, hit up one of your friends you haven’t talked to in a while and see if you can tag along with them Friday night. Don’t be shy – college is the perfect time to expand your social circle! With new people comes new opportunities.

If you’re over the drinking age, it’s time to hit the bar scene! Bars and nightclubs are a great way to meet people who don’t even attend your college. Date a local and get the real scoop on your college town.

Volunteering is another great way to get out in your college’s community. Explore the land (and potential dateables) that hosts your alma mater by doing your part! Serve at a soup kitchen, pick up trash on the highway, or help build and paint a local school. There are usually tons of volunteer events you can find at school.

Another great way to donate your time, get a part-time job! No one ever refused a paycheck, did they? They say never to mix love and work, but who cares? You’re only here for four years anyway and there’s always another job out there to find. Plus, you don’t necessarily have to date a co-worker. Your new work mates can simply be your key to meeting new people.

Many of us often overlook the town or city our school is located in if it’s not a major one. Instead of studying at the on campus library, use the town’s or a local coffee shop. Or take a trip to a local museum, play, or historic site with friends. You never know whom you’ll meet!

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