Ways to meet guys in college

Alexa Johnson

The first year of college is an exciting time: new location, new classes, new friends – not to mention new love prospects. But where can you meet your next girlfriend or boyfriend when you’re confined to campus?

Some colleges are vast and large universities with over 20,000 students. Others are relatively tiny, like high schools almost, with less than 2,000 students. Don’t let the numbers get to you if you attend a school on the smaller side. Love can be found just around your dorm room corner…

While most people don’t recommend dating a hall mate (“dormicide!”), it’s not unusual to hear those classic tales of married couples finding their soul mates in their freshman year dorm. If you meet a cutie at orientation week you think you’d like to date, the trick is to take it slow. After all, you are practically living with this person, which means you will see them every. single. day. if or after you break up.

One of the easiest places to catch a crush on campus? A sports game! Fall is football and tailgate season. Mingle around the campers with friends and talk up some new friends! If you attend a basketball, baseball, soccer, or whatever other fun sport game your school hosts, go with a large group of friends so you can get introduced to new people once you get to the bleachers.

Another easy way to meet new people is by joining a club or intramural sports league. You will make tons of new friends! Locate a club that peaks your interest and sign up at the new student fair in the beginning of the semester. (If you missed the deadline, you can always email the club’s President and find out the details how to sign up later!) If you’re the athletic type, join a intramural league and have fun workin’ up a sweat with new hotties.

You can also rush a fraternity or sorority to meet tons new friends. Greek life gets a bad rep as being just for parties, but they’re actually a really great way to network and meet people interested in the same career field as you. Join one and your social calendar will be filled in no time.

Last but not least for meeting a new love on campus – class! It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Just make sure this new crush doesn’t interfere with what you came to school for… school.

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