Beyond the Courtroom: Exploring other options in legal fields

Do you have a strong sense of justice or at least a love of very precisely worded contracts? If you’re interested in a legal career but tend to shy away from courtroom drama, there are plenty of other roles you can consider. Here are just a few options that don’t require ever saying the words “your witness.”

1. Real Estate

Buying a home takes more expertise than just a real estate agent can provide. Most home sales must have professional legal work done to seal the deal. Real estate lawyers make sure that a property is fully owned by the seller and that the transaction can be completed without any legal issues for the buyer. While this field of law doesn’t tend to have the highest pay, it’s a relatively low-stress.

2. Corporate

Businesses spend a large amount of their budgets on creating brand identity and intellectual properties and need someone to always protect those assists. A corporate lawyer is constantly on the look out for other companies or individuals trying to profit from intruding on their employer’s turf. Corporate lawyers can command top-dollars but the results of their labors can often mean suing small business owners to protect large, multinational corporations.

3. Legal Aid

Everyone has the right to a lawyer, even those who can’t afford it. Legal aid specialists usually work for non-profit organizations that help give legal advice to low income individuals. While this might be the lowest paying legal specialty, it can certainly be the most rewarding.

4. Family Law

When families break down, family lawyers are often involved in sorting out the fine details. They can represent a one side of a divorcing couple, helping to ensure a fair division of assets, support and child custody. They can also work for child protection agencies in cases where a child needs to be removed from the home. This specialty of law can be very stressful and emotional as it usually involves breaking up a family, however, it can be essential to ensure children are kept safe and divorcing couples can be financially secure.

5. Paralegal

A paralegal is someone who provides legal support and direction without being a fully qualified lawyer. While the pay and prestige is lower, paralegals can get certified with only a few years of college and no time spent articling. They tend to do a lot of research and ground work to support lawyers in firms and organizations.

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