Big Boss On Campus: Upper Classmen

Hello world my name is Charlisha DuBose. I am a Junior attending the wonderful prestigious Morgan State University. I love my HBCU because I think being emerged into our culture with our people is important to all people of color. I major in Philosophy Pre Law. Philosophy major are the third highest rank test taker on the LSAT so therefore I hope I do well when I take them. I am the President of the Pre Law Association, member at large for NCNW (National Council of Negro Women), member at large for the Philosophy club and VP for the Debate Club. In the spare time I love lounging in my quaint apartment, keeping up with fashion and reading. When I leave Morgan I hope to attend Harvard Law to follow the footsteps of my role model and big cousin Chaz.

People make a big deal out of the freshman class because they are brand new and in awe of the new world of college. I say the hardest year in college is junior year. By junior year you are hip to college life. You know what teachers to take and which to keep your distance. You even know when and where the free snacks on campus will be available. But there are a couple things Juniors need to be aware of to stay on top:
Being an upper classmen has its perks like teachers are more lenient about attendance. I know I take 18 credits (6 classes) three of classes don’t take attendance because the teachers said they want you to choose to come to class not be sanctioned because you didn’t come. Its easy participation points and attendance grades. Just show up you might think whatever you are doing is more important but it’s not (yes this includes sleep).
Along with going to class, this is the time that students should make sure they have their credits in line. To graduate from your university generally you need anywhere between 120-128 credits. That’s around 30 to 32 credits a year meaning you take about 8 to 10 classes a year depending on if they are 3 credit classes or 4. No one should have to deal with staying after the year they want to graduate so get your stuff together so you walk across the stage like boss. By then you would have earned it.
Time to party! But this isn’t your average booty shaking house or frat party we are talking about Network Parties. Some schools hold them or if you are in a preprofessional program your department or club might hold them. Go to these events dressed to impress and to the T. You give a firm shake and introduce yourself to people at these events even if its an lecture do it at the end. Always Always Always ask for business cards or contact information (emails preferable). After the event or later the next day while your still fresh in their mind sending a follow up email thanking them for coming out to lecture, speak or whatever it was they did and maybe if you have some extra personal questions either ask them or tell them over lunch you would like to ask more questions. Whatever you do at these events and after start making a name for yourself as your name gets around to different people in your field. You never know by talking to one of these people you might talk yourself into an internship.
Along with making the necessary contacts Junior year you should be getting the experience in your field. In a year you are going to be a graduate but if you want a job in your field you got to have a bit more to give. If there a job interview between two candidates being one candidate is a newly graduate can only offer books smarts while the other candidate has experience and the book smart; Candidate B has the full package. Getting the experience while you’re still in school is also good because while you’re learning it in the books you can put it to practical use. When companies take on interns they like them because you know little to nothing and they can mold you. Take the time if there is a little down time ask them questions about the field and anything that’s interesting to you.
College is a roller coaster it has its high points and low points. Most people enjoy their college experience and some wish they could go back and do it again. Make sure you make the most of it while you’re there. And get ready because when its over its over. Getting that diploma means a new door is opening!

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