Bookkeeping Career

Have you ever thought about becoming a bookkeeper? Do you like working with numbers, making all of the figures add up properly? Do you like to organize things and balance a checkbook? If you do, Bookkeeping just might be the job for you.
What does a bookkeeper do?
According to the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB), in today’s workplace, a bookkeeper wears many hats. This person must know about accounting, taxes, and financial analysis. A bookkeeper performs many different duties such as maintaining accounting records, recording all financial transactions for a particular business, including costing and income. In smaller organizations, a bookkeeper may be in charge of all of the transactions of the business. Whereas in a larger company, he/she may have a more specialized position such as accounts payable, or accounts receivable, or even an auditor position.
Changing Times
Years ago, bookkeepers only needed to have a high school diploma, but today, things are very different. Because of advanced technology, today’s bookkeepers are usually working with computerized accounting software, utilizing spreadsheets and databases. This requires specialized education where bookkeepers are trained on how to use this software. For this reason, most employers are looking for bookkeepers with at least 2-year Associate’s degrees.
Certified Public Accountants
Many bookkeepers move into the accounting field where they must have a certification to practice. The different types of schools will provide the training to assist bookkeepers in passing the certification exam. There are many options for people who are interested in learning how to be an accountant/bookkeeper.
Schools and College Programs
Almost all colleges have programs for accounting/bookkeeping. Colleges and Universities will have 2-year Associate’s program, as well as 4-year Bachelor of Science degrees for Accounting. There are community colleges and Career or Trade Schools that will usually offer only a 2-year Associate’s degree. And you can also take online classes and earn your degree in your own time without going to classes. People who have families and obligations where they must continue to work a full-time or part-time job while they study for a degree are more apt to go this route.
Is a Bookkeeper/Accountant a Good Choice for a Career?
The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists that the expected growth in this field will increase at least 10% by the year 2018, due to higher levels of financial activity with a strong emphasis on being accurate and making these financial employees accountable for their work. This Bureau puts out a handbook (Occupational Outlook Handbook) that lists occupations and their median income ranges. Bookkeepers and Accountants earn between $33K to nearly $50K per year. The higher end encompassed the top 10%.
So, if you think this kind of a job is for you, the world of education and training is at your fingertips.
Elaine M. Long
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