Which Guy Do I Choose?

By Amanda Reese

The dating game can be fun and provide a lot of variety in your life. Having more than one suitor can be great especially if they offer different things. One guy could be the perfect chef and you always enjoy a great dinner and a movie. You enjoy staying in to play your favorite board games with a delicious bottle of wine and cheese tray.

Your other interest is an outdoorsman. He’s always pulling you into an adventure and keeping you active. You discover new places. You see new things. He’s a great catch and you enjoy just as much of the time you spend with him as you do with your chef.

So, when it comes to the point when you are ready to settle down and be with just one guy, which one do you choose?

This is the dilemma with a lot of women these days as they enjoy the dating scene. It’s hard to have your cake and eat it too. You can’t keep both.

Now, its time to get down to the nitty gritty details. Its time to see which guy is perfect for you. It’s time to do your research.

Make sure you have a conversation both about future goals. Don’t listen to just what they say, listen also to what they don’t say. Do you want a family, but they are constantly talking about traveling here and there on a whim? Then, you two probably are not as perfect of a match as you think you may be.

Ask about their family and see how forth coming they are to let you know about them. Many times the issues people have with their own family reflects their decision in making one of their own. Pay attention and listen to what he really is saying and see how he response to what you say in return.

We all learn at an early age that there are topics you tend not to talk about in mix company like religion and politics. This is the time you should be talking about it. You don’t want to get together now and down the line you two but heads on topics that you feel strongly about.

Try and get them to open about past relationships. Find out what went wrong. You may need to speak about your past love ones too, so be ready to open that old file if you decide to go that route.

Keep and open mind and an even more open heart. Don’t settle for anything less than what suits your needs. Make sure that whoever the lucky guy may be, he is able to support your goals and dreams and that you can reciprocate the support.

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