From adolescence to adulthood

My name is Bridget and I am a 2013 graduate from Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin where I studied English and Secondary Education. Whilst enjoying the beautiful fall and enduring the harsh winters on the lakefront, I ran both cross country and track and field. I was also and active member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Habitat for Humanity, and the English Honors Fraternity. When I have free time I love getting lost in a good book and if I have some money to spare I travel as far as I can. I currently reside at Oak Forest High School as an English Tutor and Theme Grader.

After eighteen years of living, going off to college is typically one of the most substantial
changes that we endure in our young lives. And with big changes come bigger challenges and
better opportunities. Obstacles such as laundry, cooking, and overwhelming piles of school work
can stop anyone in their tracks, but it’s important to take on one thing at a time. If you are
unsure how to do laundry or how to microwave-up a cup of Ramen Noodles (more people mess
that up than you think), just ask! There are plenty of people around including your roommate,
the people in your hall, or even your RA who would have no problem helping you out. As Albus
Dumbledore wisely stated, “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.”
Replace Hogwarts with your the name of your lovely institution and you have yourself some
great advice.
Once you get the hang of taking care of yourself, you’ll be folding that last t-shirt and you’ll feel
grumbling feelings of nostalgia rising to the surface. You may begin to miss home and how easy
everything was there. You had your family to take care of you, your best friends were nearby,
perhaps you had a significant other you spent a lot of time with and you might long for them. It’s
totally natural, but since there isn’t much you can do besides make a phone call or Skype for a
hour, you may as well open up your door and find some new people. It is very likely that in your
first few months of college you will find friendships that last a life time, so why put the good
times on hold? Put yourself out there! Go show people how great of a job your family did raising
you, or do the opposite and be who you want to be – begin to form the best version of you. One
amazing benefit of to going away to college is that you are not followed by your reputation as
the quiet kid – at college you can be the loud, funny one. You can find your place and your
people in your dorm, through clubs, activities, or my personal favorite, intramural sports.
Honestly, the worst mistake you can make is waiting for people to come to you. No one will
judge you for asking to join them, and if they do, they’re not the type of person you are looking
for. Having the courage to join a group that is doing homework, playing video games, or
watching a movie could have the potential to change your college experience for the better. So if
you’re thinking about it – just do it!
Keep in mind that there are so many people that are either currently, or have been, in your
shoes. Whether it’s learning how to separate your lights from colors, or finding someone to eat
and go out with. As a freshmen class you are all on the same boat and you should enjoy the
wild ride

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