Break stereotypes

As a young woman ready to take on the world by beginning your college experience, there a lot of expectations being placed upon you and your peers. Specifically, as a young woman, you are being thrown all sorts of information and statistics about what your life is going to like.

You hear things such as:
“Yes, you can be a great mom but you can’t be successful in your career.”
“You can do it all! Keep taking on more tasks to prove your super woman and overcome our male counter parts!”

People trying to lend you little bits of wisdom from their own experiences have offered their ideals and values for the general public to read and absorb. Those experiences can spark some interesting thoughts that you should always allow yourself to consider and then also compare them to how it applies to your life and goals. They also are a huge part of the traditional stereotypes that plague our world.

Throughout high school, the stereotypes that are associated with being a female were probably not challenged all that much. You understand that there are certain types of people in the world who are expected to do certain things.

The beauty of a college education is that every single one of the things you had previously known and become comfortable with will change. You will meet people who are breaking the mold and those who are sticking to it. You will meet people who challenge you and force you to think in different ways than you have ever thought before.

Consequently, as a young woman you have that same opportunity – you can break the stereotypes or you can be exactly what people tell you to be. You can reach for the ultimate dream and have it all or you can stay safe.

However, it is all up to you. You can have it all and you can have it your way. No person should ever try to influence and define what your life should look like – it is your decision. Sometimes you will hit rough patches along the way but that is what makes you figure out who you are going to be and how you are going to get there. No one’s journey is perfect but everyone’s journey is worth it.

Challenge those stereotypes and the things people tell you that you can or cannot be. Your college years are the perfect time to test those waters and one of the best environments to do so.

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