Bring Back the Models

I will just say it, I am a total magazine whore. At my worst I was getting somewhere around 10 fashion magazines a month. I collect some of my favorite magazines. The last time I moved, I had to pack up 5 years worth if archived fashion magazines and bring them with me. If you ever saw my apartment, you would see that every room is decorated with piles of fashion magazines. I can’t help it, I love them. Some people collect shoes, I collect magazines. They are like art to me. Fashion magazines actually make really fun accessory to decorate a room. Pile them up next to your couch and put a cute candle on top of them. Or put them in a stack on top of your bedroom dresser with a picture frame on top.
I was organizing my piles of magazines the other day so that they were in order by month and year (yes, I may be slightly neurotic about organizing things) and I noticed a trend. All of my magazines from five years ago have models on the cover. And all of my magazines from the past year have musicians or actresses on the cover. I miss the models! Models were made to model clothes. Models are iconic. They are living breathing mannequins. There is something about the way a model wears clothes that a famous person can’t do. I think it is safe to say that models are a dying breed. While this totally bums me out, it definitely isn’t going to stop my magazine addiction.

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